Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Twist and Counter-twist

I love yoga. I'm not good at yoga, but I love it. Sometimes in my yoga classes we'll do a super deep twist and then immediately after are encouraged to do a little baby counter-twist so that we don't end up looking like a Twizzler or something. It's helpful.

Yesterday, after putting together the Fashion Rundown for the Tonys, I headed out to Science on Tap, a really cool monthly science presentation thing run by the Chemical Heritage Foundation (helpfully held at a bar that features $2.50 lagers). Walking the few blocks to the bar, I found I could not stop editing people's outfits as I walked down the street. I would see someone and think to myself, "Shorten the hem on the pants, longer sleeves." or "Great belt, would be better if it was wider and darker." I also, um, at one point heard myself actually say out loud (in a whisper, but still) "Those shoes are no one's friends."

I made the Christian Bale face and scolded myself harshly. I clearly need a counter-twist of sorts to get me out of this fashion judgment frame of mind! I was a danger to myself and others. Then I thought, well why just do the counter-twist alone? So I decided to implicate all of you who read this silly blog.

I am assigning a one-week challenge to this entire readership (but mostly for myself): Compliment at least one random stranger each day on their outfit. Be genuine. I see people every day that just look awesome but somehow I am always afraid of telling them that they look great. Why is that? They're not going to, like, shoot me for saying that they look fantastic. The worst that happens is that someone thinks I am some sort of creeper.

So please join me in this one-week challenge. Let's spread good feelings! Namaste.


  1. It's nice when a stranger compliments me on my outfit. It doesn't have to be a big show, "I love your dress!" is enough!

  2. This morning getting off the bus, I actually sniffed when I saw a woman wearing a nice business skirt suit with mules. Flap flap flap. I hate those things. That said ... Yes! Some positive energy would be terrific right now ...