Monday, May 4, 2020

The 2020 Way Too Shay Met Gala!

My dear readers, May the Fourth be with you. Today is the First Monday in May which, any other year, would signify our highest holy day here at WTS - The Met Gala! This year's theme was to be About Time: Fashion and Duration and I was extremely excited to see what co-chairs Nicolas Ghesquière (of Louis Vuitton), Meryl Streep (of Meryl Streep), Emma Stone (of my mom saying she has mean eyes), and Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Drunk History) had up their Anna Wintour-shaped sleeves. Alas, we will not be able to rip apart the celebrity fashions this year like Jared Leto ripped apart his own head and carried it under his arm last year.

I thought about running down my favorite Met Gala looks of all time, like some of the other blogs are doing but decided on something more fun: Why not throw our own Met Gala right here on Way Too Shay? With the help of some reader volunteers, we are doing just that! Thank you always for reading this silly thing but a special thank you today to those who sent in their best Met Gala looks. As you are about to see they are all amazing.

The brief was this: I don't wanna get sued so we're purposely misinterpreting the purpose of About Time: Fashion and Duration. Pick a favorite time travel book/movie/comic/tv show/WHATEVER and make it fashion. I'm going to list myself first so none of these dear readers have to be the thumbnail on the site or facebook. 

Meg! (that's me)
My inspiration was the moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Hermione sees herself and says, "Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" BUT MAKE IT FASHION. Please note the two time turners.

Mystery Met Gala Guest!
Reader Tamanya submitted this photo of a mystery Met Gala guest channeling both Back to the Future II and Deadpool 2 BUT MAKE IT FASHION! It's a home run. Can you believe they brought a DeLorean and a hover board to the Met Gala? Gaga could never.

Reader Katya!

The Neverending Story (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) BUT MAKE IT FASHION. Stunning and impressive that she actually has fresh produce! Here's the inspiration:
Nailed it!

Readers Laura and Philip!
The inspiration behind this look is "what if Hogwarts students could go back in time to attend a special event?" AND IT'S VERY FASHION! Laou and Philip are looking chic in their house colors, no matter what the era!

Reader Nicole!
We just had to get a close up on the excellent Groundhog's Day inspired details here. Amazing! Look for these custom earrings in every high end boutique the minute they are allowed to open again! Well done.

Reader Nancy!
Beautifully evoking the classic time travel flick Peggy Sue Got Married! I gave her a glass of champagne instead of her phone and also accidentally lopped off a foot. (The truth is I downloaded photoshop yesterday just to do this and gave everyone footectomies. Awkwafina is jealous.) Anyway, Nancy captured the Kathleen Turner of it all perfectly!

Readers Mark and Robin!
With an inspiration from Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Mark and Robin get the award for INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION! Thank you for being stunning on the red carpet all the way from Turkey! Wow! Here is the inspiration:
Spot on!

Reader Jackie!
Also known as my Mom! Drawing inspiration from Midnight in Paris, she looks beautiful "caught sneaking out of a gallery!" Sunglasses are a must on the red carpet! Thank you for playing, Momela.

Reader Regina!
Channeling Phryne Fisher, Gina showed this red carpet who's boss, discarding her faux fur wrap to reveal a vampy velvet gown. But that's not all! She got halfway up the stairs and gave us another shoe option! 
The versatility!

Reader Bon!
Bon celebrates the moment when Superman flew so fast he reversed the spin of the earth - doing it in style! Man of Blue Steel, am I right?
Love when we get a Philadelphia shout out on the red carpet! Also shout out to Bon for casually having a cape at home! 

Reader Lois!
Reader Lois looks chic as hell channeling Witness. "Time travel is not literal. Hardscrabble detective John Book flees gritty Philadelphia in 1984 and finds himself in Lancaster County circa 1850." Two things of note: 1.) Lois makes good on her frequent red carpet critique of trendy tuxes and wears a cummerbund! 2.) Because of the film Witness I refuse to use the bathroom at 30th Street Station!

Reader KC!
Giving you "modern regency" for the gods the house down boots and other appropriated phrases! I am deeply feeling the cut of this jeans jacket, especially with this gown. Awesome.

Reader Alison!
Reader Alison brought her own backdrop for maximum Met Gala extraness - but don't worry, the photogs were still right there! With inspiration from Hot Tub Time Machine, Alison recreated her own 6th grade dance look! I think we can all agree that she was the most stylish middle schooler ever! Photo and background design by the inimitable Max. Fantastic.

Reader Holly!
Dual looks on the red carpet from Holly, wow! With inspiration from Pleasantville, Holly gives us a fabulous black and white look WITH SECRET PANTS! My favorite! And then follows it up with a vintage "in color" look complete with accessories passed down from her grandmother. Bringing the family jewels to the red carpet is always in vogue.

Readers Morgan and Brett and non-reader HoneyBelle!
Reader Morgan is giving us full robot hitch hiking through the galaxy, looking very fly while doing so. Also, again, shout out to the casual robot costume put together for this!
Reader Brett is serving you "every bad sci fi movie where we wear jumpsuits" but truly MAKING IT FASHION with the cool addition of mask and hat. And because the family that slays together stays together....
I think we can all agree that HoneyBelle ran away with the entire Met Gala! Amazing look, HB! 

Reader Ali!
Styling by Reader Laura! Channeling Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Ali even has a headpiece made of telephone antennae. She says that she is channeling Bill and Ted AND also the babes. I think I speak for everyone when I say that not only San Dimas High School football rules, Ali rules! 

Reader Amanda!
Reader Amanda goes all out to bring you Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and MAKES IT FASHION. What's more, I have some inside information that Amanda is wearing a dress she made her freshman year of high school in her hair - and it looks great! If that is not Mrs. Frizzle, I don't know what is! 

Reader Jean!
Jean is bringing the drama of all 12 Monkeys to the red carpet and looking stunning doing so! Here's some closeup on the monkey details in the cape!
Amazing work.

Reader Danielle!
Wowing the crowd, fully inspired by Al from Quantum Leap completely with Ziggy Handlink purse! Danielle is not messing around this Met Gala, clearly! So good.

Reader Jenna the First!
Well would you look at that, it's Billy Pilgrim unstuck in time! Jenna is giving you all the Vonnegut high fashion moments you can handle! Work.

Reader Jenna The Second!
Jenna (second only chronologically) took inspiration for her beautiful look from The Time-Traveling Fashionista and Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, a book she recommends to all. She and I consulted and agreed that the arm cuff negates a need for a necklace. Lovely!

Reader Jamie!
According to amazingly coordinated Reader Jamie, the inspiration for this great look is "Hot Tub Time Machine + Coronably to take us back to before SARS 2: everyone hates a sequel." Too true! Also, please someone tell Billy Porter that Jamie wore an actual hot tub to the Met Gala so he can try to top that next year - but yeah right because this is epic! Photo by Stacey Simons!

Reader Karen!
Reader Karen channels happier times earlier this year, when Maya Rudolph blessed the Oscars in her orange gown with green earrings. (I gave her champagne in place of her phone because Karen deserves champagne.) I have it on good authority that these amazing shoes were purchased for the express purpose of wearing them to a PTA meeting. Killing it! Here's the inspiration (as if you forgot)...
Every day is a good day to refuse to wear spanx. 

Reader Jenny!
In custom couture (made by here stepmom), Jenny brings you beautiful Austen flair. Her inspiration? "Miss Elizabeth Bennett sat in the carriage and got wrinkled but she doesn't care. She only went for her sister Jane." LET'S TALK ABOUT SITTING IN THE LIMO, RIGHT!?!?!? Amazing!

Reader Kristen!
Kristen drew inspiration from Guy Pearce in The Time Machine but let me just say Guy Pearce WISHES! So stylish, so fly - and loving the glasses options here.

Reader Maggie!
Jean-Luc Picard but MAKE IT SO FASHION! I've got to be totally honest - this knocked my socks off! The bald cap! I did not expect anyone to do Met Gala Picard but oh wow am I so glad Maggie did this. 

Readers Kate and Lori!
Bringing the photographers with them all the way to their own personal version of The Lake House, Kate and Lori really know how to turn heads and warm hearts! I am absolutely in love with the dedication here. From the stars of the shoot: "Lori and Kate are separated by two years and only able to communicate through a magic mailbox. Kate’s ensemble is  from her private collection, Lori’s ensemble is her bedroom curtain. Letters written by Alex and Gabriel T. Mailbox stand by Clayton T. Shot on location at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge*. (*social distancing rules strictly followed)." We are not worthy! 

Reader Alex!
Rounding out our Met Gala coverage with this photo by Reader Steph. "When you're an apex predator but want to feel fancy and dressed-up when you go and chow down on a hadrosaur. A black sports jacket never goes out of style." I couldn't have said it better myself. 

Thank you all for playing along and for all of the reader submissions. You are all amazing and beautiful and good sports. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Oscars 2020 Red Carpet Rundown: The WTF!

My dear readers, it seems like just a month and a half ago we began our Oscars coverage and now all of a sudden we've come to the end! The fun part of dragging this out over many weeks is that we've all forgotten just how bananas it got for a few people. Let's refresh our memories. 


Sandra Oh!
To me, this is the gown version of a meticulously groomed french poodle dyed the exact color of a Wawa napkin. The extreme puffed sleeves push it generously into WTF territory. And lo, I say to thee for the last time during the Oscars...

Timothée Chalamet!
My best guess is that Tim is trying to get a reboot of The Flamingo Kid greenlit. Either that or he is gonna say, "You fellas have nothing to worry about," before having a joy ride in a Ferrari. These are the only two acceptable explanations for this get up.

Saoirse Ronan!
The bathing suit top is not great, the wallpaper skirt is worse, but the double ruffle peplum is TRULY UNHINGED.

Anthony Ramos!
It's a lot of look. The cravat, the necklace, this specific jacket... it's a lot. This could have easily gone into the Bad pile. But those shoes push the look firmly into WTF territory. 

Billie Eilish!
Me in quarantine, wearing couture and slippers.

Diane Warren!
To be honest, on a scale of 1 to Diane Warren, this is fairly tame. It's really the treble clef on the bedazzled bandana necklace that makes it oh so Diane Warren.

Kristen Wiig!
You may love lasagna but not as much as KW - she loves it so much she dressed as it! She's truly giving Garfield a run for his money. Time will tell, but I think this dress goes down in history for me as one I will forever remember like Demi Moore and her bike shorts. Welcome, Kristen, to my personal catalog of hilarious red carpet fashions. Truly, WTF!? It's a Full Tonga.