Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Heartthrob of My Weekend Mornings

My dear readers, as you probably know (because everyone who reads this thing is actually in my life - hi Mom!) I am in love with a Chelsea soccer football fanatic. I go with him to the bar on weekend mornings (sometimes very, very early) to watch the matches with his crew. They sing songs I don't know the words to, they know what's going on, and generally I have a great time because I enjoy sports and I enjoy a good bloody mary. Sure, there's lot of cutiepies who play soccer football, but there's only one man affiliated with Chelsea for me - their manager José Mourinho.

Look at this handsome summabish!

Every time I watch a match, I'm like, Where's José ?

He is dapper as hell on the pitch! And can apparently perform wandless magic.


Am I a little bit obsessed with José?

Why am I obsessed with José?


Who's the number one hottie manager of the English Premier League?

See you Saturday, sweet stuff!