Monday, April 29, 2013

Sometimes you take a month off...

My dear readers - HI! I have missed you! I just came out of the craziest few months I've had in a long time and now I am back and dedicated to entertaining you once more.

for starters

A lot has happened in the past few months! I accomplished a very large task for my worky-work life, I directed a really fun play in my theatre-work life, I helped one of my friends plan out her proposal to one of my very best friends, I tried really hard not to hulk out at my friends and family even though every day I was on the edge of the angerdome, etc. You know, just a few of those crazy months. Wait, here's another cute thing.

Nirvana in skirts. Adorable.

So I am out of the other side of this, a little tired still but feeling quite accomplished. And infinitely more sane. People don't stop me on the street anymore to tell me I look tired. (Which, PS, is not terribly helpful. Don't do that to people.) I am making a promise to you here and now: good content coming up! For example, I watched Top Gun for the first time recently and I have THINGS TO SAY about it. For another example, the Met Ball is next week and you KNOW that has the potential for shenanigans, sartorially speaking. Remember last year?

Met Ball! The Sev! Oh yes!

And now, I'd like to open it up to you, my dear readers. Since we've had a bit of a hiatus I feel the door is open for suggestions. What would you like Way Too Shay to cover? I've already had one (repeated) request for a full post concerning leather dresses through the ages, so that's in the pipeline. What else? In the immortal words of Baby June/Gypsy Rose Lee,  let me entertain you.