Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SAG Awards 2014: The WTF!

Okay, my dear readers, we're finally wrapping up the SAGs! It'll be onto the Grammys after this... pending the appearance of a tiny little joke treat for you that may or may not happen tomorrow. No more words on that right now, but mostly just because I don't like to talk politics.


Abigail Breslin!
 Abigail doesn't appear in the category for her outfit, though the train and shrug are both baffling. No, Abigail is here just for the reason that she BLEW MY MIND by not being 12 years old. When did she become an adult lady!?

Mariah Carey!
 1. Why is Mimi at the SAGs? 2. Why is Mimi wearing black sheer stockings? Is that a thing now? AGAIN? 3. Why is Mimi wearing the dress that your misguided coworker wears to the office holiday party? 4. LEATHER GLOVELETS?!

Julia Roberts!
 That. Is. A. Jumpsuit. A pepto pink jumpsuit. With modified platform heels. And a pleated...top part to the jumpsuit. Quite apart for the fact that she is wearing a wide legged jumpsuit, it's a terrible color on her. Then again, you know, her colors are blush and bashful.


Rita Moreno!
  And now we come to the part of the WTF rundown where I am absolutely delighted. There is an unnecessary belt! There is a bird flower pattern on the skirt! The bodice appears to be embellished with macaroni! And, perhaps best of all, there's a leather toreador jacket that is bedazzled within an inch of its life. No, actually, I take it back. Best of all, she's all, "I dare you to say something. I'm Rita Moreno. I'm a TREASURE." You are, Rita. You are.

Monday, January 27, 2014

SAG Awards 2014: The Bad!

My dear readers, I am so sorry for the unexpected break. I was super sick and had to spend a few days in bed watching gay movies and then balancing it out with a netflix marathon of Say Yes to the Dress. What I'm saying is, I wasn't quite in my right mind and couldn't deliver the fashion commentary you've come to expect from this silly little hobby of mine.

In the meantime, we still have the SAGs to wrap up and then the Grammys happened last night and we are going to need to talk about Madonna and her hearty endorsement of Quaker Oats. Let's do this, Rockapella!


Katrina Bowden!
 It looks shoddy. Just shoddily made. The gold up top looks like an afterthought and that material is just cheap and unflattering. Ugh. When crappy dresses happen to beautiful people.

Gretchen Mol!
 Let's be real: this is the gown version of a mesh football jersey with nothing under it. The post-workout hair doesn't help, nor does the lack of styling present here. Those shoes make my mind go immediately to either an 8 year old playing dress up or old lady orthopedics. Yikes.

Edie Falco!
 Oh dear god. Edie. Mullet dress, drop waist, hideous shoes, bad styling (yes, even with the necklace), and... is that a butterfly pattern? With a large butterfly placed exactly over her flutterby?! Oh girl, oh no. No no no.

Michelle Dockery!
 It's like she's the Hulk and busted out of her cater waiter uniform. Nice shoes, though.

Betsy Brandt!
 She looks like she's been recently pollinated. I hope this spells the death knoll for the bold gold on black trend, but alas, I am pretty sure we're going to see it again in a couple of weeks during the Oscars. People love to wear to metallics to the Oscars, especially if they are favorited to win. Be the statue, get the statue, etc.

Melissa Rauch!
 Actress in a bag. She has a handle in the back for easy transportation.

Claire Danes!
 Loyal readers, how many years have I been moaning about Claire Danes' eye makeup? I mean - her makeup artist should have surely been fired by now, yes? As for the dress, it looks like she was trying on one dress and then took a really cool sequined sheath and held it up in front to see how it would look. I wish she had gone with the sequined sheath alone and left the wispy melting snow in the city chiffon behind.

Malin Ackerman!
 What is this I don't even. On a scale of 1 to Patton, this is an 8. THAT'S RIGHT!

Mayim Bialik!
 Okay, we know by now that Blossom has certain constraints on the types of gowns she wears and we definitely take that into consideration. But, honestly, the grieving widow at the OK Corral routine is really not doing it for me. Seriously, that lace was rejected by Liberace for being too gaudy. Mayim, I love you. Talk to Helen Mirren. She does beautiful sleeves and could likely hook you up.

Emma Thompson!
 Emma Thompson is here to lead your rolfing session. Yes, she's wearing pedicure shoes and an octopus peacock, but she's really good.

Meryl Streep!
 What's even happening here? Are you seeing what I'm seeing? A muumuu made of curtains with some VERY RANDOM VERY LARGE elastic bands at the top and... just below the middle? WHYYYYYYYY MERYL!? WHYYYYY?!

Sarah Paulson!
 YOU GUYS. She looks like the doll on top of the toilet paper roll in Mom-Mom's house, right?! You know what? I'm done with Sarah Paulson. She just always disappoints and so I have no other choice except....

You go sit over there with the others until you make a good showing. Thank you for playing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SAG Awards 2014: The Meh

The update from Philadelphia is this: it snowed a bundle, it's my wonderful roommate's birthday today, and I've got some very Meh dresses for you this morning. The other update is this: depending on my nap schedule, you may or may not see the Bad today. Fingers crossed (but don't call me at 2 just to wake me up). I have a feeling we're going to be in a fight about some of what is about to happen. That's okay because we can disagree and still be friends.


Helen Mirren!
 It actually hurts me to put our Helen in the Meh (there's another painful one coming, be warned). I don't know but there's something very off about this look. We're seeing a lot of black gowns with bold gold embellishments this season (think Julianna Margulies from the Golden Globes) but this one isn't hitting the mark for me. The shimmer in the skirt puts me off a bit and I just don't like the sheer sleeves. More than anything, though, I'd like to murder whoever did that to our Helen's head. Monday night makeup and a football helmet? I said good day, sir.

Ariel Winter!
 I kind of like this dress. It's a new twist on all of the tones of navy we've been seeing and I quite like the draping and pattern. The problem is the fit. Or perhaps the problem is the support garments. I get the feeling with this dress and the Sofia Vergara reject frock we saw on Ms. Winter at the Globes that Miss Thing is trying to announce loudly that She Is An Adult Now. Honeybear, there are ways to do such a thing without doing that to your poor breasts.

Emilia Clark!
 While it's better than past efforts, it's still an utter snoozefest.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus!
  This is shockingly off the mark for JLD. Here's what I do like about this look: the bag, her nails, the ring. Here's what I'll accept with gritted teeth about this look: her hair and makeup. Both could use some love (namely a different part in her hair and a darker lip shade). Here's what I will not stand for: JLD in an unflattering, boring dress. It does absolutely nothing for her and should have been left on the rack.

Isla Fischer!
 You know, when Courtney Love wore a version of this dress to the Oscars in 1997 it was a huge fashion moment because no one could believe how well she cleaned up. Unfortunately (fortunately?), we all know Isla Fischer to be a charming and beautiful woman who is easily confused with Amy Adams. I get the feeling she was going for Classic Hollywood Glamour. Alas, when fit is off in the length and the bust, the effect is more B Lister than anything else. I'm sorry Isla. Or Amy Adams. Whichever one you are.

Jane Krakowski!
 You know, it wouldn't kill you to have AN accessory, Jane. Love the color, hate the boxy cut and wonky fit, and dear god what I would give to fix her hair. Is it honestly supposed to be mirroring the upward swoop thing on her shoulder? Because EW.

Matthew McConaughey (seen her with Camilla Alves)!
 Men's Warehouse: you're gonna like the way you look... but Meghann won't be impressed. (PS, Camilla, love the draping on your skirt. Please don't call this man wearing upholstery "your king.")

Sandra Bullock!
 Oh, Sandy. This is exhausting. This looks like an outfit one of my barbies had in the 80s, which was clearly modeled off of Dynasty or Dallas or Knots Landing or something else I wasn't allowed to watch. That said, I love her head and adore adore adore adore those shoes. Sandy, give me your shoes. They are beautiful.

Alfre Woodard!
 Not flattering, too long, not a great color, and why are there icicles forming off her boobs? Alfre. I love you. What happened? Help me help you.

Cate Blanchett!
 I figured we should probably bookend this post with the ones that actually cause me pain. It causes me pain to put Cate in the Meh because she is amazing and perfect on the red carpet. (And she still IS amazing and perfect mostly because she called E! out on how they film her.) I do not love this dress, though. The color is great on her, I really like her makeup, but I'M SORRY. I cannot abide the sartorial representation of a napkin tucked into one's shirt. I just CAN'T.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SAG Awards 2014: The Good!

My dear readers, I have a sad story to tell you. I went through a ton of photos and saved them all to my thumb drive the other day....WITHOUT EXTENSIONS. Luckily, it snowed a million inches in Philadelphia already today and I was sent home early from work. That means I was able to re-save all of the photos (after shoveling, obvs). So here I am with a glass of wine on a snow day to bring you The Good! Are you ready? This pile is quite small, actually. The SAGs were not kind to us. Fun game: guess which color is HUGE this year. Spoiler alert: it's navy.


Lupita Nyong'o!
 Lupita is everything that is good and right with awards season. She has handled every red carpet flawlessly so far. I cannot wait to see what she does for the Oscars. I truly thought that nothing would be better than her Golden Globes dress, but this is absolute perfection. I almost feel like I don't need to feature anyone else in this section... but I wouldn't do that to you.

Jennifer Garner!
 Obviously we all know that I pretend in my head that I'm friends with Jen Garner (and call her Jen). In my head we're having a big glass of wine and high fiving over this major bounceback from the surprise ruffle of death. Obviously, it could use a necklace, but that's okay. I forgive her.

Sarita Choudhury!
 Normally, I don't think I'd like something this fussy but she is wearing the hell out of it! I think she looks fantastic.

Jennifer Lawrence!
  Yes. This. More like this all the time. And with a necklace please. This is what I want the most.

Anna Gunn!
 What a comeback from the Golden Globes! The silly little Breaking Bad bag aside, this is a stunning look. It seems that even she can pull off that athletic neckline... maybe the key is the hair? Or those AMAZING earrings.

Juliette Lewis!
 Perfect. Amazing. Beautiful. Showstopper. Yes. Thank you, Juliette. This is everything I ever wanted.

Mindy Kaling!
 Girlfriend has been hitting it out of the park recently! Someone has a new stylist! Good lord, girl! Get it!

Elisabeth Moss!
 WOW. This is the Elisabeth Moss I've been hoping for. I know most of you disagreed with my take on Betsy's Golden Globes look (I nicknamed her Betsy, by the way), but I think we can all agree that she looks fabulous and confident here. Nitpicky Meg says: CUAN, but that's very small on the overall here.

SIDEBAR: It's interesting to me that we're seeing a lot less prom hair on the red carpet this season and a lot more sleek business hair. I'm not sure I'm totally into the trend, but pleased that it is occasionally executed well, as seen above.

Amy Adams!
  That's what we call "dropping the mic." DAAAAMN.

Anna Chlumsky!
  One day I want an interesting, sexy dress that fits this beautifully. I would have gone for slightly bigger earrings but that's a tiny quibble.

Sofia Vergara!
 Sofia is 2 for 2 on the giant, awesome necklaces! I love the new silhouettes she's been showing this season and I'm really into the wig-like perfection of her hair. I actually kind of hope it actually is a wig so I don't have to feel bad about my own hair for a week.

 Yes, girl, yes. Even with the brooch she stole from Usher, I love this head to toe.

Holly Hunter!
 Simple, clean, lovely.

Morena Baccarin!
 Truth: this neckline is probably my favorite of all time. I love the way it's constructed and draped and it has a little bit of a color surprise with the layered tones. For me, that sets this blue apart from the rest. CUAN, obvs, but not much of one.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Golden Globes 2014 Rundown: The WTF

As you know, my dear readers, usually The WTF pile is just a few entries - truly the headscratchers of the bunch. This time around, it's HUGE. Away we go!


Zooey Deschanel!
You know, if she and Sally Hawkins stood next to each other it would be a cute little granny club. I have no idea why she's basically wearing matted up fairy dust as a skirt with a quilted crop top. I take it back. I totally know why. Because Zooey Deschanel. What really propels this look into WTF territory for me is the spiky shoes of death. LOOK AT THEM.

Lizzy Caplan!
I was not aware that MC Escher designed couture.

Megan Mullally!
True facts: I love her haircut/color and I am really happy that she rocked the glasses on the RC. Other true facts: Megan Mulally's real name is Lola. She is a showgirl.

Diane Keaton! For reasons other than her outfit!
This is actually my favorite suit of the night. She looks absolutely amazing and incredible.  But then...

As I sat there, alone on my couch, I looked around the room with wide eyes exclaiming, "What the actual fuck!?" None of the ghosts or imaginary friends could believe this was happening either.

Hayden Panettiere!

Guys, this is me trying to look at this ensemble:

Nope Nope Nope Octopus

Drew Barrymore!
I kind of feel bad dinging Drew for this dress because of course that is what Drew Barrymore wore to the Golden Globes. That said, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS DRESS?! Our best friend there in the background certainly doesn't seem to want to even look at it!

Attractive Men With Sad Updos: A Ranking!

Are we doing this? OH YES WE ARE.

Joaquin Phoenix: Slightly Troubling!
It's not great but it's not terribly offensive. On a related topic, I love bearded Joaquin. On a completely unrelated topic, I wish Joaquin had a better sense of humor about himself.

Jordan Catalano: The Half-Bun Heard Round the World!
Now, I do have to give credit where it is due: he at least took the time to tuck some hair around the bun section, effectively hiding the elastic band. That's fairly remarkable considering he decided to wear his hair in a style usually chosen by girls on the lacrosse team.

Alex Ebert: Defcon 1
Is this guy in Mumford and Sons? No seriously. I vote him as the guy at the Golden Globes most likely to know all the words to every Bright Eyes song ever written.

Emma Stone!
This dress is the phrase "what is this I don't even" personified. Because for real, you guys, what is this? I can't.

Jacqueline Bisset!
Just think: this photo was taken before Jacqueline Bisset decided to play a round of The Quiet Game with the entire world. The Quiet Game, while loved by parents and babysitters, turns out to be a little weird when you play it in a room full of actors during an awards show. In other news, this dress is what costume jewelry wants to be when it grows up.

Emma Watson!
Oh. I mean, it's okaaaaay. It's kind of bland and the shoes seem really off. Why was everyone talking about--

Julia Roberts!
This is heavily reminiscent (to me) of what Melissa Leo wore to the Oscars in 2012. I don't understand the collared shirt. NO ONE understands the collared shirt. The dress is fine without it, a little basic but not offensive. WTF is happening here?

Zoe Saldana!
Please think about this: both Zoe Saldana and her stylist looked at this "dress" and said, "Yup. That's it. That's the one." The mind reels.

And finally, last but certainly not least...

Paula Patton!
Take Jennifer Garner's Oscar dress from last year. Add sleeves. Move the Ruffle of Doom to the front. BLAMMO! Paula Patton's dress. This is one of the craziest and least attractive dresses I have ever seen. And it has inspired me, my dear readers, to institute The Patton Scale. This dress is the top of the Patton Scale and may be invoked at any time during a Rundown. Sample sentence: "On a scale of one to Patton, this dress is a three." And then we'll brand it with this photo.

Big ups, love, and thanks to reader Bon for making our Patton Scale photo.

That's it for the Golden Globes. I am really sorry I didn't include a photo of Idris Elba anywhere because he is very very beautiful and needs to be part of all of our lives. I, do however, have this for you.

Comedy. Hotdog.