Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SAG Awards 2014: The Good!

My dear readers, I have a sad story to tell you. I went through a ton of photos and saved them all to my thumb drive the other day....WITHOUT EXTENSIONS. Luckily, it snowed a million inches in Philadelphia already today and I was sent home early from work. That means I was able to re-save all of the photos (after shoveling, obvs). So here I am with a glass of wine on a snow day to bring you The Good! Are you ready? This pile is quite small, actually. The SAGs were not kind to us. Fun game: guess which color is HUGE this year. Spoiler alert: it's navy.


Lupita Nyong'o!
 Lupita is everything that is good and right with awards season. She has handled every red carpet flawlessly so far. I cannot wait to see what she does for the Oscars. I truly thought that nothing would be better than her Golden Globes dress, but this is absolute perfection. I almost feel like I don't need to feature anyone else in this section... but I wouldn't do that to you.

Jennifer Garner!
 Obviously we all know that I pretend in my head that I'm friends with Jen Garner (and call her Jen). In my head we're having a big glass of wine and high fiving over this major bounceback from the surprise ruffle of death. Obviously, it could use a necklace, but that's okay. I forgive her.

Sarita Choudhury!
 Normally, I don't think I'd like something this fussy but she is wearing the hell out of it! I think she looks fantastic.

Jennifer Lawrence!
  Yes. This. More like this all the time. And with a necklace please. This is what I want the most.

Anna Gunn!
 What a comeback from the Golden Globes! The silly little Breaking Bad bag aside, this is a stunning look. It seems that even she can pull off that athletic neckline... maybe the key is the hair? Or those AMAZING earrings.

Juliette Lewis!
 Perfect. Amazing. Beautiful. Showstopper. Yes. Thank you, Juliette. This is everything I ever wanted.

Mindy Kaling!
 Girlfriend has been hitting it out of the park recently! Someone has a new stylist! Good lord, girl! Get it!

Elisabeth Moss!
 WOW. This is the Elisabeth Moss I've been hoping for. I know most of you disagreed with my take on Betsy's Golden Globes look (I nicknamed her Betsy, by the way), but I think we can all agree that she looks fabulous and confident here. Nitpicky Meg says: CUAN, but that's very small on the overall here.

SIDEBAR: It's interesting to me that we're seeing a lot less prom hair on the red carpet this season and a lot more sleek business hair. I'm not sure I'm totally into the trend, but pleased that it is occasionally executed well, as seen above.

Amy Adams!
  That's what we call "dropping the mic." DAAAAMN.

Anna Chlumsky!
  One day I want an interesting, sexy dress that fits this beautifully. I would have gone for slightly bigger earrings but that's a tiny quibble.

Sofia Vergara!
 Sofia is 2 for 2 on the giant, awesome necklaces! I love the new silhouettes she's been showing this season and I'm really into the wig-like perfection of her hair. I actually kind of hope it actually is a wig so I don't have to feel bad about my own hair for a week.

 Yes, girl, yes. Even with the brooch she stole from Usher, I love this head to toe.

Holly Hunter!
 Simple, clean, lovely.

Morena Baccarin!
 Truth: this neckline is probably my favorite of all time. I love the way it's constructed and draped and it has a little bit of a color surprise with the layered tones. For me, that sets this blue apart from the rest. CUAN, obvs, but not much of one.


  1. Sophia Vergara looks "goddess". Best ever for her!

  2. Morena and Lupita. Absolutely stunning!

    Jenny T