Monday, June 6, 2011

Salads and Natural Accessories

Sorry for the lack of post on Friday, my dear 6(00) readers. I had a terrible migraine all day and just couldn't face the computer screen. But! This weekend was chock-a-block with good things and I have plenty to share with you today.


You guys, I made awesome fruit salad. It's peaches and banana and blueberries and strawberries. I wanted to get in on the last few moments of strawberries for the season and boy howdy, is this delicious. I opted to skip the citrus, as I have been eating a lot of citrus avocado salad lately and I'm a little burned out on oranges. Also, since this was my fruit salad, I decided against the BS grapes and apples component. To me, that's filler. And apples aren't very good right now, are they? I wanted to have pineapple in there but I didn't want to carry a pineapple home from the grocery store. Next time.

In other salad news, I made a quick cucumber, grape tomato, basil salad with a little bit of red wine vinegar. Booyah! Delicious. What feels better in the summer than eating fresh fruits and vegetables? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Natural Accessories

I had the good fortune to play dress up with two of my dear friends this weekend. Clarification: they played dress up, I played fashion police. MY FAVORITE GAME. Both ladies did an absolutely amazing job of finding exactly the right outfit and they'll both look phenomenal when they wear these out. AND! Both ladies had little touches that completely transformed one look into two or three. The difference between a pewter strappy sandal and red faux-suede heels can truly transform a dress. The same top in a different color can take a look from date to office. These are all really great things to keep in mind. I honestly felt a little superfluous in the "styling salons" of friends' homes this weekend but look out world because a couple of hotties are going to be perfectly dressed and looking for love!

A couple of things came up, though, that we haven't touched on here. So let me share with you what was discussed this weekend.

1. Don't be afraid of your boobs.
So you usually wear higher cut necklines and aren't used to seeing the girls in a deep V-neck? That can make even the most confident woman think twice about wearing that low cut dress. Take the most objective look at yourself you can: sexy or trashy? If the answer is the former, be bold and steel yourself to make the entire city fall to its knees. If it's the latter, maybe try a camisole underneath and see if you can split the difference. And if you're really not comfortable but love the dress or shirt, see what a well-placed safety pin can do. Also: double stick tape is your friend.

2. Tattoos as accessories.
We haven't talked about this! Your sweet ink can take the place of a necklace or bracelet! If you have an amazing chest piece, ditch the necklace. Awesome arm tattoos certainly don't need to be cluttered up with a chunky cuff. But you can also use accessories to accentuate your ink. If you have something gorgeous or tuff on your forearm or wrist, a bunch of jangly bangles will draw attention to your permanent self-expression. Same for the menfolk: cool tattoos + leather cuff/neat watch = DAAAAAAAMN.

Go forth and use your natural accessories!

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