Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Get Real About Our Wardrobes

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Last weekend I spent some time putting away my sweaters and pulling out my summer gear. I store my off-season clothes and shoes in a giant Ikea bag under my bed, which is very sophisticated. I like switching over because I found some things I had forgotten about (just as good as buying new clothes!) and I had the opportunity to try on my bathing suit, which is still the greatest bathing suit I've ever had (men's board shorts and a bikini top - totally cute).

While I was discovering forgotten clothes, I pulled out one of my favorite summer skirts and intended to wear it today. It's very light cotton, pretty design, floaty full skirt. But here's the thing that I didn't remember about this skirt (or perhaps never noticed before?): it's absolutely the wrong length. It falls about mid-calf, which is sometimes okay on me but not with the fullness of this skirt. It was Stump City, population: Meg. In the past I think I would have just ignored the fact that the skirt made me look bigger and shorter than I am and just worn the thing but today is a new day, folks.

I decided that I will no longer wear clothes that don't flatter my figure, even if they are really comfortable and/or look pretty on the hanger. For my frame, a skirt needs to fall just above or just below the knee. A-line or pencil silhouettes are my best bet. Shirts should end around mid-hip. Tight cap sleeves don't do me any favors. Dresses either need to have definition at the waist or be a true A-line. Tea-length is no good. Two inches below the knee is no good. Jeans need to fit my butt and not be saggy. This is the new world order!

Unfortunately, more than a few things I have will need to go. I have a favorite old black skirt I've been holding onto even though it is a) two sizes ago, and b) one of those two-inches-below-the-knee disasters. I don't know why I've been holding onto it for so long, but it's about to go in the donation bin. Same for the skirt I had hoped to wear today, the shirt I love that only reaches just below the button on my jeans (making my waist look wider), yellow shirt that washes me out, and the three or four tight cap sleeved button-downs I have been trying to make work for years. Goodbye, unflattering clothes!

And so, dear 6 readers, I challenge you to follow me. Take the most objective look you can at your closet and weed out the things that don't help you look as fabulous as you are. We can do this together and we can take over the world, simply by wearing clothes that fit.

And necklaces.


  1. It took me a looooooong time to realize that I actually look thinner in clothes that are a bit loose, i.e. not the tightest, shortest thing I can possibly squeeze in to. I've also stopped wearing granny bathrobes as outerwear.

  2. Good tips. I desperately need help in this area.

  3. I think I have phased out my most unflattering clothing, but it's hard to find inexpensive pieces that flatter my shape. I have been working on Matt for a while now and it's starting to sink in (see facebook post) that he should stay away from stark colors and pleated pants! I'll take my victories where I can, thank you very much.

  4. We could always hem that skirt you love. That way you could still wear it. You do know a few good seamstresses... hint hint, wink wink.

  5. For this very reason, I just dumped a bunch of stuff at Second Time Around, on Chestnut Street. I still have a huge Ikea bag full of stuff they wouldn't take, that maybe Buffalo Exchange might want ...

    Of course, in the meantime I found 4 supercute dresses at said consignment shops, that actually fit and look great! Oh how I love thrift ...

    And yes, mid-calf on me = hausfrau. No escaping. And not even a cute, French hausfrau. (madame de maison?)

  6. I already told you about Already Pretty, but can totally, totally recommend her Self-Guided Mini Makeover (PDF, $5) as a way to kickstart your closet and way of thinking about clothes. It's totally worth it!

    Thanks for enabling the Name/URL combo too, because I am going to be a COMMENTING DYNAMO.