Monday, June 20, 2011

A belated Father's Day post

A day late, I am here with some words of wisdom from my dad over the ages. These have helped me through my life and I am sure they will help you in yours.

Walk it off.
This one can be used for physical as well as emotional injuries.

All men are scum.
This would be the constant refrain intoned to my sister, me, and any of our friends whenever a crush was announced, love was in our eyes, or we were going through heartbreak.

The Wheel of Fortune is racist.
I don't want to ruin the Wheel for you guys, but my dad has watched a lot of this show and thinks that the Wheel itself (the physical object, not like Pat Sajak or Vanna or anything - the physical wheel) is racist against African Americans. He claims to have statistical proof. He will tell you all about this at any time.

If you're well enough to drink tonight, you're well enough to go to work tomorrow.
Another classic, and a good bit of advice. You can't call out of work with a hangover. I may or may not have violated this rule in the past.

You get 24 hours to celebrate a triumph and 24 hours to mourn a defeat.
Basically, don't be a jerk. I've certainly pushed my limits on the defeat mourning in the past (with professional disappointments as well as breakups, etc.) but I try to almost never gloat for more than a day when things are good. Try.

You are special.
I think my sister and I have heard these words from my dad more than anything else. This is a very good thing to say to your children, especially when they are out in the world and convinced that they are very small fish. They might actually believe you.

And just so it doesn't get tooooo schmaltzy up in here, I present you a photo of my father taken on the day of my mom's Surprise 55th Birthday Luncheon, a red hat party.

Now that is style.


  1. Dad is also really good at always telling us we are beautiful. Clearly, Dad is a role model.

  2. I love this. And I am genuinely curious to hear more about this WOF theory.