Friday, August 19, 2011

Today in baseball fashion

A couple of years ago (or something), Alyssa "SaMAHnTA" Milano debuted a line of baseball fan gear for ladies. And thank god. The stuff was actually cute and the shirts were cut to flatter. Not to be outdone, Victoria's Secret then came out with shirts (for each team) that said "I only kiss ____ fans." Obviously, I wanted all of these things in the Phillies flavor. The problem is that the VS stuff is blinged out, which makes one look like you don't know a balk from a bunt. Ms. Milano gives us the cute but understated look of a true fan. Let's compare:

It's hilarious to me how you can tell that wearing Phillies gear is making Alyssa Milano want to die. Also of note here, I like that Ms. Milano already has us in the chilly post-season with this jacket. Do you think she gets crap from her fellow Dodgers fans for making outerwear options for other teams? Probably.

What Alyssa Milano did (which I really like) was make other fan apparel manufacturers realize that girls like sports and will buy adorable but serious fan apparel if you make it. The thing is, as a sports fan in Philadelphia, one is constantly challenged to prove it. One does not want to look like an amateur because then one is always sent to get the beer. So one must choose fan apparel carefully. This is why things that are specific to players or just generally I LOVE MY TEAM are preferred to blinged out sexy shirts. (Says the girl who wore an I [heart] Chooch t-shirt to Tuesday's game.)

So it was with absolute delight that I discovered a genius new shirt on Zoo With Roy. You guys know I love the O RLY owl, and I really am developing a deep fondness for our lovely pitcher Vance Worley, pictured here:

dig those glasses!

Like tomato and basil, two great tastes go together in this shirt:

And would you look at that? It comes in lady-curve sizes!


In other news, I know you are waiting for more Project Rundown, but I hate these people. I'll try to make it happen. And I know we need to start The Rules II: Seriously, There Are More Rules. We will be getting to that soon, soon, soon. Until then, have a great weekend and much mazel to Our Little Orange Angel on his marriage to someone that used to be his intern. Fairy tales can come true, my dear 6 readers.


  1. Stephanie's nemesis is pictured here:

    We went to a game and sat behind a "fan" wearing one of those "jerseys". I had to restrain Steph from dumping a cheeseburger on her.

  2. I actually think that hoodie is photoshopped on AM.

  3. dude. i have a VS blingy Phils t-shirt, AND I just bought a Phillies t-shirt at Old Navy (surprising in San Diego, I know. That's why I had to buy it.) I feel a little stupid wearing the VS t-shirt but I actually really like it. Go Phillies! the end.