Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Crankypants McCrabby

My dear 6 readers, I am in a foul mood. Much like Peter Pan, it started last night, followed the second star to the right, and continued straight on till morning. And then afternoon. And I need to not be cranky tonight because it's a high holy day indeed - my fantasy football draft! Last year I let my team suffocate and die a hideous death for some very silly reasons, which means: now I have FIRST PICK! Obvs, that is going to be pretty sweet. But in the meantime I've got to kiss these blues goodbye.

What are your tried and true ways for getting out of a crabby mood?

I have a few (some more readily accessible during the work day than others) to share with you, but I do want to hear your bad mood busters in the comments.

* Singing the opening bars of Kung Fu Fighting (whoa-hoh-oh-oooooooooh), very quietly, out loud, to myself.

* Thinking about how much my dad looks like Béla Károlyi:

* Imagine winning an award and telling my grade school nemesis off in the acceptance speech.

* Mary J. Blige.

* Conjuring the memory of eating The World's Smallest BLT.

* Imagining taking a bath. NB: not actually taking a bath because first I would have to clean the tub really well and also I can't use bubble bath or salts or anything because I am sensitive to all of that, so it's basically just making Meg Soup. Which is kind of gross. But the IDEA of a perfect, pretty bath is great.

* Cooking up a ton of delicious food.

* Taking some "time for yourself" with a favorite battery-operated (or manual! I know some of you dig manual!) accessory.

* Doing yoga. When I started practice this afternoon I was like "grumblemumbleyoga." And at the end of practice I was like "grumblemumbleiloveyoga."

* Looking at this picture:


Okay, so how about you? How do you like to cheer yourself up?


  1. Quick List of Happy:

    1. Calvin & Hobbes.
    3. David Bowie, in any form but especially with Freddie Mercury, or in Labyrinth.
    4. Drinks with anyone who can make me shoot liquid through my nostrils.
    5. Muppets.

    Cheer up, sassypants! We're gonna hit the dance floor tomorrow night!

  2. I like taking a really long superhot shower and really scrubbing my scalp. If I have enough time I'll shave my legs and give myself a pedicure, because red toes always make me happy. I don't nap often, but I like getting in my pj's early and just being in my blankets. I try to be gentle with myself.

  3.,, hot shower-lotion-laying around in bathrobe watching Friends DVDs (or similar), spastic dance party to awesome terrible music. also, speaking of spastic, playing the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii. :)

  4. I like what Maggie said about getting in jammies and curling up in a blanket, but I will then fall asleep almost instantly. I love sleeping and dreaming. To be indulgent, I set my alarm to go off every five minutes for HOURS so that I can have hours and hours of dream chunks.

  5. 1. Listening to the Glee soundtracks.
    2. Chocolate.
    3. Pixar movies.
    4. Mushing my face into my kitty's belly.

  6. Buying a frivolously expensive bottle of wine and ordering pizza delivery, watching Sense and Sensibility, Emma or Little Women (or all three!) taking a long walk along the Hudson or, my newfound favorite, stealing my friends 2 month old baby for a snuggle lovefest shesh.

    Cheer up buttercup! I'll see you soon! (on g-chat in a matter of minutes, in person in a matter of weeks! xoxox)