Thursday, August 4, 2011

A few things

Firstly, you all need to read this article from The Hairpin. I'm not 25 anymore (my creaky knees will verify this - oy), but it's still very true and will help you have a lovely evening.

We are social but we are not social media. We are social but we cannot survive on content alone. Sometimes being passive consumers of content works against us. If you don’t do it today you’ll put if off and then it will be awkward when you decide you really, really want to email this person. So do it today. Or don’t do it. Or maybe do it tomorrow, but if you don’t do it today you definitely won’t do it tomorrow. Again, make a list. Wash your face.

There is no IRL. This is everything.

Secondly, I'm watching Project Runway this season even though I didn't think I would. As I don't have cable, I'll be behind a bit since I need to watch it on my ever-so-slow internet. Back before I had WTS I had my livejournal and I liked to do Project Runway recaps on there. I'll be bringing the "magic" of my Project Rundowns over here. There will always be spoilers, so take that into consideration when reading. A few things you need to know:
1. I still have not gotten over Angela's fleurchons.
2. I freaking love Michael Kors and refer to him as "Our Little Orange Angel."
3. Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia are only ever referred to by their full names: The Silver Fox Tim Gunn (TSFTG for short) and NinaGarciaFashionDirectorForMarieClaireMagazine.
4. The guest judge is always "confused" about a garment. It happens almost every episode. I love that. It's like they get a script or something.
5. My favorite contestant ever was Chris March. I love you, Chris March.

Thirdly, let's all raise our glass for the best dancer at St. Bernadette's with the worst reputation. RIP, Cha Cha DiGregorio.


  1. I have cable and I watched tonight. And you have my permission to go back to not watching and not recapping if you would like. Or you can spend plenty of time discussing how the judges are smoking crack. Or you can attempt to explain fashion to me because I DO NOT GET IT!

  2. I loved Chris March too!!! I always loved how they tried to make him seem horrible for taking a rest cuz he was done his project when the others were freaking out. Costume Designers for the WIN!