Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is my 150th post on Way Too Shay! Party! Confetti! Reflection.

My friend Mix challenged me to start this blog last fall, during a night at our local watering hole. I'm excellent at starting things I don't finish, dreaming up plans that are never realized, and making promises I don't keep. For the record, I am also awesome at easing difficult situations with humor, recalling minute details from the Harry Potter books, and powering motor boats simply by the power of my laughter. The challenge Mix laid down wasn't so much starting a blog but sticking to it. And with a few minor hiccups during particularly hectic times, I've been doing pretty well with that. I am proud that I made it to 150 posts and really happy that all of you are here reading this jibberjabber.

I've benefitted from writing this thing, too! We talk about fashion so much here that I have actually been turning a critical eye to my own style and taking a harder look at the way I'm putting myself out there to the world. This coincided nicely with being single for the first time in 6 years and wanting to, you know, put my best foot forward. I've weeded my closet so much in the past three months that I basically just wear the same 6 dresses over and over again to work. I've starting thinking more critically about footwear, the length of the hem on my jeans, where skirts fall on my legs, etc. It may be silly but writing a stupid blog has made me a more put-together-looking person. Most days.

Because, you know, sometimes you just wear your house dress all day and make casseroles. That's how it goes.

In terms of others, I cannot tell you the pride I felt this weekend when I complimented one friend on her really cool necklace (it was a chain with tiny silver hammer and wrench pendants - adorable) and she said that she was inspired to get a necklace from reading WTS. Thanks! I'm glad we are all getting on the necklace train! I can't believe that I'd influence anyone at all ever but it was really nice to hear.

Later this week we'll begin The Rules II, which is going to be a trip. And there are plans in the works for a little treat later in the month. I don't want to tell you what it is in case I don't do it... but we're going to do it. And it's going to be a lot of fun.

Thank you for reading Way Too Shay! To show my thanks, I will now sear your eyes with some of the worst red carpet fashions we saw this year. ENJOY.


Oh man, even though HBC looks cray cray I can't help but love her.


  1. Happy 150th post!! I too am going to get a fabulous necklace in honor of WTS!!!

  2. HBC can do no wrong.

    And I too now look more critically at my own "fashion." I use quotation marks because I am not very fashionable and cannot legally use that term to describe myself. Although I've been on the necklace train since I was a little girl, the few times I do not wear something around my neck, I hear your voice asking if it's a good idea.

  3. Congratulations! Just sos you know, *you* were my inspiration for starting Bashionista. After years of talking about writing a party-throwing book and writing a sum-total of one page of notes, I am so glad that you casually mentioned you were going to write a blog where you would tackle a different subject each weekday. I thought, "hey, even I could do that. And I SHOULD do that." And, well, here we are. You are an inspiration! Way to go, Meg!

    -The Bashionista