Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shameless plug for sex ed

Maybe you 5 readers don't know this but I co-created a show with my best friend called Chlamydia dell'Arte: A Sex-Ed Burlesque. We've had a great time over the past couple of years developing and performing the show (hopefully coming soon to a place near you), but the best thing of all is the friends we've made through it.

Though the show, we met and befriended the Liberty City Kings, Philly's own drag king and burlesque queen troupe. LiCK is totally fabulous (and they are all genuinely nice), and they have introduced us to the world of girls dressing like boys for fun and profit. They invited Gigi and me to play their calendar release party not too long ago, where we met the women of ScrewSmart, a sex-positive and queer sex education collaborative. Ever since that moment the Chlams and the Screws have been deeply in love.

Tomorrow, our dear Screws are throwing a benefit called Dancing With Myself: A Celebration of Solo Sex. If you live in Philly, I encourage you to attend. It's going to be half-performance, half-sweaty dance party, all totally awesome fun. Gigi and I will be performing our take on the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and the Kings will be there, and the ScrewSmart girls are going to be doing a bunch as well. Throw into the mix burlesque queen Miss Mary Wanna and your MC for the evening, The Notorious OMG (loooove) and you have got one heck of a party! Seriously, it's like $5-10 bucks for all of this delicious sex-positive, informational entertainment.

If you're not around Philly or have too many plans to celebrate solo sex in the privacy of your own home tomorrow night, may I at least point you toward the website and method to the fierceness of ScrewSmart? They do workshops on everything from navigating open relationships to queer history to how to use strap-ons. These women are wickedly smart, funny, and care deeply about comprehensive sexual education. I cannot say enough about the work they are doing and I feel truly honored to call them my friends.

So! Tomorrow! Performance and a party! Come! Or, you know, just stay home and read the ScrewSmart website. That's pretty awesome too.

Dancing With Myself: A Celebration of Solo Sex
Friday, March 11
9 PM
Danger Danger Gallery
5013 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

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