Friday, March 18, 2011

omg so tired zzzzzzz

You guys. I was definitely going to do a post about sex today cause, you know, I try to do that once a week. But it's been absolutely CRAY-CRAY today. So all I can do for you is give you this E. L. Doctorow quote from Billy Bathgate that is just so lovely and wish you a good weekend.

You can't remember sex. You can remember the fact of it, and recall the setting, and even the details, but the sex of the sex cannot be remembered, the substantive truth of it, it is by nature self-erasing, you can remember its anatomy and be left with a judgment as to the degree of your liking of it, but whatever it is as a splurge of being, as a loss, as a charge of the conviction of love stopping your heart like your execution, there is no memory of it in the brain, only the deduction that it happened and that time passed, leaving you with a silhouette that you want to fill in again.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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