Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Intro: purchasing The Rules

Today I will be introducting a weekly feature: blogging through The Rules. Yesterday I ventured into my local chain bookstore to purchase the thing. Ta-da!

This is proof that I have it and that I payed my $10 for it. Oh my goodness, all of this ridiculous relationship advice for only $10! The birthday gift I bought for my friend's almost-3-year-old was more expensive! Granted, that gift involves a pigeon wanting to drive a bus, so I guess there's your premium.

Not that I wanted to be like the person who buys a gallon of milk, some bacon, a loaf of bread, and an issue of Hustler, but I had some gifts to buy and decided to just make one big purchase - things I want to buy plus this book. So I made my way to the counter of the chain bookstore with my purchases, feeling very shameful about The Rules. As she rang me up, the clerk looked at me like this:

At first I thought I'd explain that I didn't really want to buy it, it's for my blog. But then I thought that sounded dumber so I just acted cool and self-possessed. (I would come to find out that this is one of the lessons in the book.)

I was shocked and kind of horrified to see how thick the book is! What did I get myself into?

But then I opened it up and found out that the type font is, basically, huge.

(Fingernails for scale.) Seriously, this is the biggest font I have read since I was in grade school. It's kind of nice for my eyes.

Anyway, all of this is for you, my dear 5 readers. I'll be back later today with the first installment of my reaction to The Rules.


  1. i don't want to see you suffer, but i do want to see where this goes.

  2. You need to include more reaction shots of your in all of your posts. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. Ok I read the other posts about the book so far but I love the beginning. Especially the pigeon and the bus part ;)

  4. You should do an entire blog post that just screenshots of yourself!! I'll bet we could figure it out!