Monday, March 7, 2011

On makeup and beauty

I learned how to do makeup when I was in 7th grade. Honestly, I'm pretty good at it. I wish I was better at executing a thin line of eyeliner, but I prefer a nice heavy top liner, so it's not ruining my life. I don't think I was allowed to wear makeup in grade school, but I know that I have certainly been wearing makeup almost every day of my life since I started high school. Certainly, when I'm sick in bed and when we're taking apart sets in the theatre I don't bother. I would guess that I wear makeup about 355 days a year. I have my routine, I have different things that I do for special occasions or for the stage... I am a makeup girl.

I was super sick at the end of last week, so I didn't put on makeup on Friday. I went to work, I had a beer with a friend, and I realized that I didn't really care that I wasn't wearing my war paint. Saturday, I co-hosted a party and intended to put on some makeup but just didn't. Yesterday, I was kind of hungover from said party so couldn't make the effort to slap on even mascara. And then, today I decided that I would try going without makeup for the whole week.

I feel a little bit naked, I admit. And I'm slightly surprised when I look in the mirror and see my bare face. But it's kind of great. My skin is getting a break, my morning routine is 10 minutes faster, and I can rub my eyes.

You guys, I love rubbing my eyes. I had no idea what I was missing!

I love makeup. I think that I look prettier with it on. I am terribly vain, so this is a big deal to me. But I cannot tell you the number of people who have said that they didn't notice the difference.

I am very lucky to have great skin (thanks Mom!) and I think that's helping me adjust to this new world free of foundation and powder and blush and eyeliner and eyeshadow and mascara. I don't know that I'll make this a forever change, but it's an interesting experiment in getting used to my face as it is.


  1. I wish more women would give this a try.

    Pop culture sucks for making you ladies feel like you /need/ to wear makeup on a daily basis.

  2. You know what's really messed up, Ant? I even wore makeup at Kirkridge...when we were on a religious retreat. So weird.

  3. Can I just say, I've recently been wearing less and less makeup and even going completely sans makeup for whole days at a time lately, too? Yes, I feel naked, I feel vulnerable, and then after about an hour I forget and feel beautiful. Plus, I don't have to worry about whether or not I have eyeliner or mascara under my eyes. Bonus.

  4. Cleese - who knew!? We are in it together! Good thing you know you are beautiful. In fact, I would say you are the prettiest little girl in Haddon Heights.

  5. I love makeup too...but alas, I am not always able to do it because of my two kids. I don't even have 5 minutes to do it like Bobby Brown says when she's on the Today Show. So I am forced to go without a lot. Some days I don't mind at all and some days I think I look like death. My new goal is to try to at least get some concealer on by the time Dave gets home haha.

  6. I'm going to judge you when I see you tomorrow if you don't have concealer on for me. You should do the same to me. Haha, then we'll just drink wine and forget to care!