Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Citrus Avocado Salad, for the people

My dear 6 readers (I've been told to up my numbers by a couple of you), hello. Today I have a stolen recipe for you that will make your life very happy (if you like the ingredients). I first had this salad years ago at the wonderful and amazing Dmitri's.

Sidebar: I hate linking to Yelp, but Dmitri's doesn't have a website that I can find. There are two locations, one in Queen Village and one in Rittenhouse. I prefer the Queen Village BYO location but Rittenhouse has booze and is closer to the theatre. All in all, both are awesome.

Ingredients you need:
Lettuce (I like to use Butter Lettuce) (you might call that Bibb/Boston Lettuce)
Citrus you like to eat

Step one: We could have lots of fun.

Non-NKOTB step one: Slice and toast your almonds. Careful with the toasting. This always ends in black almonds for me. Luckily, I like those.

Step two: There's so much we can do!

Non-NKOTB step two: Clean and rip your lettuce.

Step three: It's just you and me.

Non-NKOTB step three: Peel your oranges, grapefruit, whatever you like and separate into sections.

Step four: I can give you more.

Non-NKOTB step four: Peel and slice your avocado.

Step five: Don't you know that the time is riiiiiiiight! Ungh!

Non-NKOTB step five: Put it all together, lettuce on the bottom, citrus slices, avocado and toasted almond slices on top. Drizzle with vinegar. Ungh!

Seriously. It's that easy and it's delicious. The perfect vinegar to use is red wine, but I like it with balsamic as well (I'll be using that tonight). My favorite thing about this salad is that you can customize it to your tastes. Feeling like you might be developing scurvy? More citrus! Feeling like you need to eat all the avocado? MORE AVOCADO! Hate almonds? Screw 'em! They're extraneous!

I hope you enjoy eating this salad and having the bridge of "Step By Step" in your head for the rest of the day.


  1. Yes, thank you. Now all I hear is Step by Step while envisioning the music video. And yes, I can still do the choreography....

    But that salad sounds delicious. I will be trying that soon...

  2. Gina: you + me = dance party.

  3. Hells yes!! I may also remember the choreography from If by Janet Jackson, but sadly I don't remember Paula's Opposites Attract choreography. We may have to rectify this....