Thursday, March 17, 2011

A plug for someone else's blog

You guys! It's FUG MADNESS time! The hilarious girls over at Go Fug Yourself do this every year. Think March Madness but instead of really good basketball teams, it's really bad celebrity fashion head to head until only one fug can reign supreme.

You can get you bracket right here. There are four conferences: Cher, Madonna, Charo, and Bjork. You, sadly, already missed the play in game (Madonna bested Cher in a battle of the queens of Fug Madness) but there's still time to vote in the first round - WHICH FEATURES TILDA SWINTON VS. JUSTIN BIEBER. It's seriously amazing.

Go Fug Yourself is one of those magical blogs that just makes me laugh and laugh. I'm sure there are hundreds, nay, thousands of people who read their site and feel like the Fug Girls would be their best friends. I am one of those thousands. They love Diet Coke just as much as I do, love to watch cheesy tv and movies, and coined the phrase "look into pants." Love. Them.

I hope you enjoy Fug Madness. Oh! And if you are looking to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tonight, may I suggest hitting up a sushi joint for sake and a couple of rolls? There won't be a soul in there and the staff will be happy to see a warm body. Also, idiots who only drink on this day and New Year's Eve won't barf on your shoes. Be safe and don't let the idiots drag you down!


  1. FUG MADNESS!! SWINTON FOR THE WIN!!! (Sorry, I got all capsy on ya.)