Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun with Ramen

My parents gave me the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook as a housewarming gift. You have seen this book - it's red and white checkered, ringbound, and full of amazing things you want to make. I grew up watching my parents pull out their 1970s-era copy over and over, week after week. I am so happy to have this one of my own.

One of my favorite things in the world is reading cookbooks. It makes like seem so orderly. Even the most difficult recipes are just one step after another until completion. And then you get to eat the completion! What could be better?

Flipping through my new cookbook, I noticed a full page of ideas for how to prepare ramen. Recently, I got crazy and started adding mushrooms and garlic to my Maruchen packages, but this is taking it to a new level. They don't even recommend adding the packet of "seasoning" (aka ALL THE SALT). So I did a little grocery shopping and got some basic ingredients. I didn't have the forethought to go to the gigantic Asian grocery store near me, so I just bought a 6-pack of ramen for the noodles.

This morning, before work, I prepared a ramen lunch. One block of noodles cooked in water. I stir-fried some frozen veggie mix that I bought when I realized that by purchasing frozen vegetables I could avoid the grossness and guilt of throwing out rotten peppers that I totally meant to eat.

I threw a little bit of Trader Joe's version of garlic teriyaki sauce in the stir fry and a little bit in the noodle water. Lunch was made in about 5 minutes and it is delicious. Ramen Success!

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  1. From Nikki, who can't post replies here because she does not have a Google account:

    Its weird but I think we live in a parallel food universe. When you were talking about the new Weight watchers, I was restarting as well..when you spoke about Veggie burgers I was having my favorite weekly! Today I went to my favorite veggie place for grilled veggies and added it to my Thai Kitchen rice noodle bowl from the food store (I recommend the garlic). I put it together and its amazing!! Awesome lunch…with a side of wheat pita. The Thai Kitchen Garlic rice bowl isn’t bad, 250 calories.