Monday, December 13, 2010

Winning the fight against terrible restaurants!

Wonderful news! Vesuvio has closed! Less great news: the owner wants to eventually reopen it.

Vesuvio has long been on my list of Worst Bars in Philadelphia (Meghann Edition). Philadelphia is an amazing food town and has many, many fantastic bars. We have bars for all moods and occasions. Need something super cool and fancy pants? Franklin Mortgage and Investment. Need something ridiculously romantic? XIX. Want the best dive? Bob and Barbara's. I could go on and on - just try me.

So why in this city of great food and drinks for all occasions are mediocre and crappy bars allowed to exist? And why do people insist on spending money at these lesser establishments? For years I have been forced to go to Vesuvio for theatre meetings and fundraisers and it pretty much sucked my soul to have to pay $5 for a lager coming out of a stale line. Then there were the ridiculous happy hours that friends continually "won" where the drink specials were more expensive than what you could get down the street at the (much more fun) Tattooed Mom. And, inexplicably, the food was better at dirty little Tattooed Mom... as long as you stick to the pierogies. The other thing I hate about Vesuvio is that I dropped my phone in the toilet there one time. That was definitely my fault but I blame the suckitude of Vesuvio for it.

Anyway, the time for rejoicing has come because no longer will Vesuvio haunt us with their "happy hours" or their crappy chicken fingers. If I can just say enough prayers I am sure Oh! Shea's will follow suit soon enough. I really hate that place.

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