Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Party Etiquette

Girls and boys, I have my day job holiday party this afternoon. People are all sported up, the Sam and Libby shoes are strapped to my chilly little feet, and everyone is all atwitter waiting for the festivities to commence. Me? I'm a little bit tired from staying out too late last night and to be quite honest, I'm not sure I even want an afternoon beer. Because that's the thing about office holiday parties: drinking with your coworkers in the afternoon.

I'd like to give out this one little piece of advice that I have finally learned at the ripe age of 30: There is no need to get drunk. It hit me yesterday that I have no trouble interacting with these people on a day to day basis stone cold sober, so there's really no necessity behind the's just a nice option. I'm taking it easy this afternoon so I can make it through my friend's office holiday party (I'm her date) and then a theatre bar holiday party. Pacing will be important, as will pasta. I'm going to eat a lot of pasta.

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