Thursday, December 23, 2010

There will be no airing of grievances this Festivus

Get out your hankies, friends. This one is a doozy. I was not able to make it even halfway through this article in the Boston Globe without openly weeping. When a family with a son with cerebral palsy was no longer physically able to carry him up the stairs to bed each night, a local high school star athlete stepped in to help.

In the few months the Parkers have known him, Rudy has become not just a help with Sammy, but a salve for their pain. He and Rick talk about football. Patty quizzes him on girls. Ben usually parks himself as close to Rudy as possible, looking up at him adoringly. And most nights, Sam will tremble with excitement as Rudy picks him up.

“It’s like family,’’ said the shy senior. It goes both ways: The Parkers were on the field with Rudy’s mother the night Malden Catholic honored its senior football players.

It's nice to remember that when things seem dark, focusing on others is the best medicine. Read the whole article, it's worth it.


And with that, my friends, I am going to put down the blog for a few days because I am Catholic and that means I have to go spend many hours vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms for my parents. Have a lovely weekend and, if you celebrate the holiday, happy Christmas to you! See you Monday!

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