Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On earworm music

My dear 6 readers, I am having a mental breakdown. I have not been able to get this one song out of my head for the last week. I won't punish you by embedding a video, but let's just say the artist's name rhymes with Cyley Myrus and the song includes accounts of raising one's arms, vocally making music, and throwing shindigs in America. I don't know anything other than the chorus, which makes it all the worse.

Once, in freshman year of high school, I got a Morrisey song stuck in my head for 8 months. It was awful and kind of hilariously ironic... "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get." I haven't heard it since and I never want to.

This morning in order to flush my brain of Cyley Myrus's painful wailing, I looked up the thing I've been avoiding for a good month: Rebecca Black's "Friday." Oh, it is terrible. That poor girl. Why is she just listing the days that come after Friday? Oh, honey, no. So I thought, "Perfect! I'll have a stupid song in my head to replace the first one but since I don't hear this one everywhere I go it won't stick too long."

Wrong. Every time I try to recall the melody of "Friday" I have Cyley Myrus waving her arms in the air and having a shindig in America!


  1. Alvin swears that singing the Flintstones theme is guaranteed to remove even the most stubborn earworm.

    If that fails, this is a song that I enjoy having stuck in my head:

  2. Maybe this will help:

    "gonna grab my bowl, gonna have some cereal"

    I love Stephen Colbert.

    Or, for another fun ear worm:

    ... which will make Rebecca Black more palatable.

  3. You could also go with the original:

    Either way any other song yer thinking of will be gone and replaced with this one.

  4. This is hilarious karma for you leaving that Cyley Myrus song on my voicemail!

  5. I have Adele's Rolling in the Deep on continuous loop - been about 2 weeks now. Harry's contention is that if you know all the words you can stop it, but I'm not sure that's true.