Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot Damn!

My dear 6 readers, I have amazing news. The inimitable Gigi is going to take me to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met (at a time to be determined).


These are from two of my favorite McQueen shows - Highland Rape (2006) is the first 5 photos. I love that collection so much. Gemma Ward being swallowed by organza? Amazing. The last two are from the fall 2009 couture collection (I'm not sure what it was called - I mean probably something borderline offensive, right?). This reminds me of images I've seen from Matthew Barney know, PLUS absolutely incredible construction. I like that it's a little bit beautiful and a lot bit scary.

OBVIOUSLY I will be reporting back to you in breathless detail. Really? Do you even need to ask?


  1. I think I'm going on June 7th... if that helps sway you two into going then so we can gush over everything together!

  2. Yeah, I need to get my butt in gear & get there.

  3. Does the model with the umbrella on her head have a mustache?