Monday, May 16, 2011

Greetings from Chicago!

Sooooo many people are wearing leggings as pants here.

My dear 6 readers, in discussing this blog with reader #4, Marsha, it has come to my attention that I haven't been terribly clear about my thoughts on necklaces. I'm going to come right out and say it: I rarely wear necklaces in day-to-day life. I am a fan of the big earrings and I think we can all agree that big earrings + necklace = TOO SHAY.

I am very much pro-necklace with formal wear, especially on strapless dresses and ESPECIALLY on stars of stage and screen. Here's why: many of them are skinny minnies and wear these low strapless gowns. This opens up a lot of real estate between chin and dress and for many of these women, their clavicles could use some decoration. My other reason for wanting to see more necklaces is simply because I, average lady of the world, do not have the opportunity to borrow two million dollars worth of diamonds from Cartier and I feel that it is unfair of those who have that opportunity to turn it down. I want to see these girls dripping in jewels (non-conflict jewels, of course) just so I can imagine what it would be like to wear ten pounds of rubies.

In day-to-day life? I say do what feels comfortable, dear 6 readers. I would never jump out from behind anyone's cubicle and criticize their outfit or accessories. Not unsolicited, anyway.

That said, should you have a formal event to attend, I am available for consultation. I am also available for the eating of Chicago hot dogs because oh my god they are so good.


  1. My friend Kathy makes great jewelry, mostly necklaces, from vintage brooches and pearls. It seems like she's closing up shop for bridal season (she seems to get a lot of wedding business) but you should check it out when she gets back up if you're into necklaces.

    I bought Theresa one for Christmas and she LOVED it.

  2. i saw some serious leggings as pants today waiting for the T. and she was wriggling and adjusting them in a way that made me somewhat (very) uncomfortable.

  3. I accidentally left the house in leggings-as-pants yesterday, when I walked the dog and the boy down Passyunk. I had totally forgotten that I was essentially still in pajamas, as boy was home "sick" from school and my brain was addled. As soon as I realized my error, I thought of you.