Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the ... Princess

Of course because I have been excited about the Royal Wedding for months I totally set my alarm for 4 PM. Thanks to Rosey and Katya for texting me their reactions and thereby waking me up at 6:15! I reacted exactly the same as the first lines of dialogue in Four Weddings and Funeral. I threw on some pants (still cursing), threw on a shirt, shoved my feet in shoes, wiped last night mascara from under my eyes and absolutely ripped out of the house and ran to get the bus. I was freaking out.

Then I remembered that what I was late for was essentially going to my friend's house to watch tv.

Kate's dress is gorgeous and, dreamy sigh, McQueen. I liked her simple veil and pretty tiara. Though Wills looked a bit like a cartoon character with the super bright red and blue, he looked lovely as well. I was totally shocked that the bridesmaids were in white, though Pippa's cowlneck McQueen was a stunner. And the Queen was dressed like a very fashionable lemon.* I was a little disappointed in Camilla's hat, though she looked lovely. Elton and David looked dashing, and the OTHER David (Beckham, ovbs) looked a little silly but nice in his ascot. Posh Spice looked gorgeous and is the tiniest 5 month pregnant woman I've ever seen. She's also the only pregnant woman I've ever seen in 7 inch Louboutins.

All in all, everyone was gorgeous and the newlyweds looked genuinely happy. I will admit that I didn't know Wills' voice was that deep. And I will admit that I squeeled quite a bit and maybe cried a little when this happened...

*Thanks to Lauren and Rosey for the lemon comment.


  1. Ahem, I believe I texted you at 5:43 AM "The Queen looks like a lemon". Where's my credit? :-P

  2. Did you? Shoot! That was one of my wakeup texts. Sorry.

  3. Fabulous!! I am glad others were on the lemon bandwagon. ;)