Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Safety is cute!

As spring lurches in fits and starts toward Philadelphia, many things seem just a pollen-filled breath away. Evening strolls to the East Passyunk outpost of Capogiro, Saturday mornings spent watching cuties in tank tops reading in Rittenhouse, the smell of neighbors' grills all weekend, and - perhaps best of all - tooling around on my bike again.

I'm a fairly new bike rider and a sort of timid one at that. I don't bike when it's too cold, I don't bike when there's a chance of rain, I don't bike when I have people to impress because of the sweaty hair issue. Also, I always always always wear a helmet. I know far too many people who have been hit/doored/etc. on their bikes not to wear a helmet. AND I'm sort of uncoordinated, which just raises my risk level. I inherited my current bike and helmet from my ex-boyfriend, which was very sweet of him. The helmet is a little old and definitely not cute, so I've been keeping an eye out for something very safe and maybe a little bit fashionable for this summer's transportation. And thanks to The Hairpin, I have found just the thing!

Yakkay makes bike helmets that look like adorable hats.

BOOM! Fashion and function! Yakkay, I think I love you.

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  1. thank goodness you saw this; i knew it would be perfect. almost makes me want to ride a bike.