Thursday, April 28, 2011


Kilts for the boys. Formal kilts.

Square neck, cap sleeves, A-line dress on Kate.

Cathedral-length veil. BOOYAH!

Kate's jewelry in diamond and sapphire to match her ring (and give us that "something blue").

The biggest, most extravagent hat you've ever seen on Camilla.

Boatneck on the bridesmaid dresses.

At least 2 Elton John reaction shots.

At least 1 reaction shot of the Queen where she looks kind of bored.

Unimpressive hat on the Queen. (I'm just trying to save you some disappointment.)

Stupid American news anchors talking over the wedding ceremony and/or trying to use British-isms along the lines of "All of Will's mates are here. They played football yesterday, which means soccer." WE KNOW!

Constant mention of how Wills must be missing his mom on this special day. Constant.

Harry looking fiiiiiiiiine.

I understand that some don't really get the hoopla, but it's fun for me. I like weddings, I like celebrities, and I think this is one cute couple. Also, the last enormous pop-culture wedding I got was stupid Carrie and Big and what happened there? He doesn't show up for her dream wedding, stranding her in a crazy-awesome dress and whack hat. Then later he gives her a shoe and she marries him completely on his terms, thereby setting the tone for the rest of their lives. I still get angry about this.

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