Friday, April 1, 2011

Groom School

As a sort of companion/antithesis to our Rules blogging, I give you... GROOM SCHOOL. Alfred Angelo Bridal introduced their hilarious boot camp today on the web and you guys have to check it out.

I'm not sure what I like better - the stock photo of Diane and Jim Taylor, their relationship experts, or their "Yes Honey" philosophy. You have to click through the class list (if just to see the photos of happy men ironing, cooking, and doing laundry).

* I'm Sorry 101
* Does This T-Shirt Smell Funny?
* Science of Dishwashing I
* Science of Dishwashing II
* Ex-Boxed (includes a free mini-course in replacing toilet paper)
* Private Coaching with Diane and Jim

Of course once you get to the part where you click to "sign him up" the joke is revealed (happy April Fools, duh)... but I'm wondering how many women are seeing this and breathing a sigh of relief. They're on Alfred Angelo, checking out wedding gowns, perhaps wondering when oh when he's going to help make those thousand paper cranes they are going to put on each table at the reception and then BOOM: jackpot! Groom School! Oh finally he'll learn how to use The Scrubby on the dishes! I can just imagine the disappointment certain ladies might experience this morning when they get to that April Fools screen. But don't worry, certain ladies! You may still get to the point where you take a couples pottery lessons, like Kristy and Brian on the front page! It could happen! Right?

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  1. Damn, someone really should offer those dishwashing classes. I think the world would benefit from such instruction....