Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone think of a cute nickname for me like Waity- Katie

The best anyone in grade school could ever come up with was Peg Leg Meg. When I pointed out to the girl who liked to tease me that it lacked creativity and made no sense, she went back to calling me Geek. Still lacking creativity but at least fairly accurate.


Thank you, Huffington Post, for adding to my reading torture list with this post on Books With Worst Dating Advice Ever!

Of course The Rules is in there, second on the list. And on that note I can only promise you that I will have a Rules post up soon. I cannot wait to get to the part where they talk about not dating for more than 2 years (the 2 year limit ended by the marriage, obvs).

In related news, ZOMG ROYAL WEDDING THIS WEEK! I am attending a viewing party bright and early (read: 5:30 AM - cray cray) at a friend's house. She is providing bagels, mimosas, and tiaras. Dress code is pajamas. Yes, that means I will be riding the bus to her house in my penguin pajama pants. Perhaps I will change up the shirt, though. Lately I've been wearing a breast cancer awareness shirt to bed (my sheets totally do breast self-exams in the washing machine, because they are so aware now) that has two baseballs over the boobs and reminds you to "Save Second Base!" I love wearing this shirt because it makes me think of my dear friend Lauren, who was with me when I bought it. I love wearing this shirt to bed because it is sooooo soft. However. The bus across town at 5 AM on a Friday is perhaps not going to be the best time to literally attach targets to my breasts.

My mom is going to a royal wedding watching party with her friends where the dress code is "tiara-casual." She is not getting up early to watch the wedding because, as she told me a couple of weeks ago, "We're old and smart. We're DVRing it!" AREN'T YOU WORRIED ABOUT SPOILERS, MOM!??!!?


  1. I don't get why everyone in the US is so crazy about this. Besides, we shed the yoke of the monarchy in 1783.

  2. Opulence
    Mystery wedding dress
    The Hotness of the Princes

  3. For the record, I DID wake up at 4AM, rolled over and then told myself to get my lazy butt out of bed to watch the "wedding of the century" live - no spoilers. I remember doing this 30 years ago with my own little princess, MeggieBeth - how time flies! It was wonderful! No disappointments, and it's DVR'd!

  4. I love that tshirt btw AND I actually wear it to the Gym.