Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The amazing $6 veggie burger

I had the most amazing veggie burger at lunch yesterday. Yes, you read that correctly: amazing veggie burger. It was a large patty of what can only be called a boatload of actual vegetables on a nice soft bun, and mine was served with melted cheddar cheese. All this plus fries and a pickle for $6 at National Mechanics on 3rd Street in Old City. The deal also extends to their beef burger, but I had heard so many people rave about the veggie burger I had to know for myself.

If you are in Philly, hie thee hence to National Mechanics and enjoy the greatest veggie burger ever created!

Oh, what? You don't like veggies? God, you guys are difficult. The best beef burgers this city has going right now are the Whiskey King at Village Whiskey (bacon, blue cheese, onions, foie gras - take your heart meds before eating) and The Churchill at Pub and Kitchen (bone marrow butter, onions, La Frieda meat blend - I love bone marrow). Really, you should eat all of them because Philly is obsessed with burgers right now and the hits just keep coming.


  1. Have you been to Dojo in the Village? Next time you are in town I will do you one better.

  2. Have you heard of Good Dog? Apparently their burgers are out of this world, according to A Hamburger Today. These look awesome.

    However, those other two sound awesome. We'll be in Philly at the end of January for an education conference - dare I say we meet up for one of these?

  3. Good Dog really does have a great burger. I am not a huge fan of that place because I think their seats are uncomfortable, but you are right: burger heaven.

    I would LOVE to meet you guys for a delicious burger!

  4. Mordicai - I have NOT been there and I WILL take you up on that offer next time I'm in your city!

  5. North 3rd's burger was pretty awesome.