Friday, October 22, 2010

Chooch-a-Mooch and the Phillies

I love the Phillies. I love them oh so much. I have what we like to call High Hopes round these parts. They won the first of three must win games last night and they're bringing the series back to Philly. I like all of the guys on the team and have a great deal of affection for Charlie Manuel but there is one guy who shines brighter than any other star in my sky. And that man in Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz.

#51. Philly's own Senor Octubre. Or, Senor Choochtubre if you prefer. All aboard the Chooch Chooch Train.

He's a fantastic catcher, has some seriously clutch hits, and perhaps most importantly, is the cutest Chooch that ever Chooched. I am a proud member of Chooch's Chicas, which may or may not actually be a real club.

And so, Roy O. and Cole, I say unto you: this weekend, do not shake off Chooch. Just pitch the game he calls and I'll see you on Broad Street.


  1. I just want them to lose so people will stop talking about sports all the time. Yankees down, so these guys are all that is left.

  2. You fished your wish, Mordicai.