Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Truth About Leggings

My dear readers, I feel I have let you down. To be fair, I've also let myself down. I bought leggings.

I know. I was in Target, doing that thing where you go to Target to get a gift for your friend's adorable three year old and then all of a sudden you're buying shampoo and nail polish and unripe avocados and a bubble machine (and batteries and backup bubbles because you are a nice friend) aaaaaaand leggings. And a bra that you will eventually take back because you picked up "B" instead of "D." And of course they don't have that color in D. Or they do and it's a 32 D and who the hell exactly wears that size? Because that is some Barbie-proportioned shenanigans.

So, yeah. Leggings. But here's the truth about leggings: that shit is comfortable.

I know. Now, obviously, I am not going to violate Rule #1 of Way Too Shay Nation (Leggings Are Not Pants) but I will say leggings are making me feel just a little more secure today. The plaid shirt dress I love ever-so-much is just a mite too short and I usually just throw on some black tights and boots (because 1994) and decide that it's okay for my shirt dress to be a little more shirt than dress. But with leggings? I'm not worried about Joe Commuter glimpsing more thigh that is necessary on the 47 bus. I mean, seriously, Joe Commuter - if you want to glimpse the these thighs, you'd better buy a ticket (shameless plug).

There you go, my dear readers. Up is down, black is white, and leggings are comfortable. But they will never, ever be pants.


  1. Leggings that aren't pants + Shirts that aren't dresses = sartorial manifestation of two wrongs making a right.

  2. I totally agree with you, that leggings aren't pants, but I maintain that they are leggings. By this, I mean that even though they aren't pants, in doesn't mean that they aren't anything. Mittens are not pants either, but they still have a good (and very specific) use.