Friday, May 2, 2014

Elementary School Crushes, in order

1. The tiniest boy in class with the bright blue eyes.

2. That kid with gigantic ears.

3. That kid who I liked for one day before we became BFFs and then we wrote plays together and he taught me all of the dances to Madonna and Janet Jackson because of course he did.

4. My 4th grade teacher who encouraged me to work hard and be a smart kid.

5. The kid who was just slightly smarter than me.

6. That other kid who was just slightly smarter than me.

7. That kid who was really dumb but super sweet.

8. The boy my best friend liked, but that crush only happened for like a day because I was afraid I was missing out on some great hunk of a boy to have a crush on but then realized that it's better if you and your best friend don't have crushes on the same person.

9. The kid with gigantic ears again, but only for a hot minute.

10. That boy who looked just like Eddie Furlong and listened to Metallica and watched Star Trek.

11. Captain Picard.

12. The shortest boy in class who thought he was a surfer rock god.

13. The kid who never said anything because he must think really deep thoughts.

14. That blonde boy who never looked at me twice even though there were like 40 kids in our whole class.

15. Eddie Vedder. Forever and always.

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