Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Good for Whomping

Hello, my dear readers. I know I've neglected you but the end of the awards show season runs directly into my busiest time at work and I had to, you know, work a lot. Next week is the big conference and I promise I'll get on the whole updating WTS more often after that.

That said... let's talk about online dating. Because WOOF, you guys.

I was fooled by the SortaFineCupid in the beginning. I went on two dates and the second of those dates turned into a lovely relationship with a lovely person. My friends warned me that I was lucky and had no idea how much grossness awaited me. I did not believe them. I was a fool.

The first message I got after reactivating my account was KickMyBalls01 asking "So have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before?"


Listen, some of the messages are nice. Some are from my friends being all, you know, awesome like my friends. Some of the people I meet are pretty great. A lot of the messages either just say "hi" or are just a smiley face - THE WORST. Oh, how I hate emoticons. Sometimes people are vaguely mean. But then... today...

WAIT. I should probably tell you that in my profile I mention that I have lovely skin because it's true. Okay. Now you know that.  Here's exactly what I got today.

'lovely skin', good for whomping on, certainly


So, I guess the moral of the story is I don't like getting emails on a dating site about getting "whomped."

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  1. One day someone will create useful online dating filters and make a bajillion dollars.