Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the 30-Something Fans

All the tweens in the lobby of the movie theater, stressing out that they wouldn't get popcorn in time for previews, were in love with my Gryffindor sweatshirt and Sirius Black wand. More than a few girls were dressed in full Hogwarts gear - mostly Gryffindor but a few Slytherins. One of my companions wore his Hufflepuff tie (and carried Ginny Weasley's wand) and another companion wore her Harry Potter musical t-shirt. We are in our 30s. I saw a guy who looks like a high schooler but I know to be a recent college grad dressed as Dobby. We dubbed him Dobby in the Lobby (that band name has already been claimed so it's too late). Lots of improvised wands, lots of red and gold scarves.

I'm no film critic; I'm not going to tell you about the cinematography or anything. Above all, where the Harry Potter films are concerned, I only care about one thing: is this representing my beloved books well enough? I was not terribly happy about HP6 - especially the very much not canon Burrow scene. And, you know, same I was nervous going in.

I'm here to tell you that they finally made a Potter film where they didn't really care about the people who only watch the movies. This is a film for devotees of the book. A lot of stuff is implied and hinted at that of course WE KNOW but only because we've read the book like a million times. And that, my friends, is exactly what I was hoping for.

I'm about to go into my favorite parts of the evening/movie, so please note that there are GIGANTIC SPOILERS ahead and just go ahead and stop now if you are like that.

* * * * *

* Let's start with the previews. I will be seeing The Green Lantern as soon as humanly possible. I never really understood the Ryan Reynolds "thing" until I saw that preview. Okay, I got it last year at the Oscars when he wore a beautiful Tom Ford suit, but I got it AGAIN.

* So so so glad they opened with Hermione obliviating her parents. That was incredibly touching and well done.

* Holy crap, all of the Weasley kids are hot. HOT. Of course, the twins will always be my kryptonite, but good goddamn Bill Weasley.

* The infiltration of the Ministry was pretty great. Absolutely loved the woman they got for Mafalda Hopkirk/Hermione. She did a fantastic job of acting like Hermione.

* I was not keen on the casting of Xenophilius Lovegood when Rhys Ifans was announced, but he totally rocked it. AND it made sense once I realized he is Welsh, as is the amazing girl who plays Luna. Love. Her.

* The Charity Burbage scene was pretty scary! In a good way!

* Similarly, the Bathilda Bagshot stuff was creepy and gross and well done. Hilariously, some big dude in our movie theatre RAN out of the theatre at the beginning of that scene and RAN back to his seat just in time for the journey up the stairs. Somebody didn't clear his bladder!

* Although I was dreading the tent sequence, they did a great job with it.

* Hermione's torture scene was amazing - super well done.

* The best part of the movie is DEFINITELY the telling of the tale of the three brothers. It was perfectly handled, could not have been done better.

* I have completely changed my mind on Dobby and now I love him.

* The final shot was a little too much "By the power of Grayskull, I have the power" for my tastes, but did what it was meant to do, I guess.

* As the screen went to black, some guy just yelled "WHAT"!? I suppose he hadn't read the books.

* When Ginny asks Harry to zip her dress, the guy in our group breathed "Whoa" while the women in our group muttered "Classic move." Haha! Well played - and hilarious George reaction, also.

I have so many other thoughts but I'll leave it here for now. Hooray for Harry Potter!


  1. My comments from the movie and comments on your comments:

    Oh Dobby, my Dobby.

    The evil Harry/Hermione naked thinger making out in the woods scene was hot. No, I mean HAWT.

    When did the whole Malfoy family turn into a bunch of pansies?

    When you say tent scene, did you mean the angry scene, or the really inappropriate Nick Cave song dancing moment? Cause I could've done without that. (Not that I have anything against Nick Cave, except that he needs a haircut. And looks like he'd maybe need a bath, but I can't verify that for myself.)

    I was that dude who yelled "WHAT!" when it went to black.

    They could've showed more during the torture scene. All we saw was what looked like Bellatrix licking Hermione in the elbow, and Hermione screaming out. For all I know it could've been some erotic girl-on-girl fetish scene. Actually, I was hoping it was. But still -- show more violence if you're going to do a torture scene, otherwise it comes off as kinky.

    Indeed, the Weasley kids are all attractive. Except for Ginny. She was cute as a child, but now she grew up and looks sorta homely. I think that kiss she got from Harry was a pity kiss, sort of like the Schuester and the new coach in Glee.

    WHY CAN HARRY POTTER NOT WALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON?! Does he have some sort of disability? Palsy? Something? Polio as a young child? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERS!

    I'm glad I went to the midnight movie, and not one of the 3am shows they added to our theater here. I can't imagine going into the theater and night and coming out when it's daylight.

    And I think that's all my notes. Good show. We'll do this again in 8 months for the next one, eh?

  2. I had a problem with the inappropriate (and NOT CANON) dancing sequence. What was that about!?

    Ginny is pretty - you are wrong but I will forgive you.

    I also noticed that Potter has walking trouble - I guess I noticed it more when he was Runcorn in the Ministry scene and that actor was imitating the walk. Maybe one leg is shorter than the other?

    I was surprised by how sexy the evil horcrux Harry and Hermione thing was.

    Now that you mention it, I guess I would have liked to have seen more actual torture. I didn't think she was licking Hermione - I thought she was biting that "mudblood" into her flesh.

  3. Here's my biggest problem with the movie, which I arrived at upon further review (and after we talked on the phone): The moment where Harry disarms Draco when they're at Malfoy Manor is such an important plot point (arguably the most important) in the book. It should've gotten a better treatment than it did, with a weak and sad-looking struggle over Draco's wand.

    Your thoughts?

  4. I agree with you that the moment where Harry overpowers Draco was very much a non-moment. Of course, I was looking for it so I perhaps whispered excitedly, "He got it!" But I guess I kind of feel like if they highlighted the moment with music and pointed looks and drawing it out, it may have been too much.