Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Grammy Awards 2017 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

My dear readers, I am one of those Olds who had to look up half the people from the Grammy red carpet just to be surprised that they are people who make music. Now, something I did not have to do any research on is that Beyonce is a goddess who goes beyond any category here on WTS.

Her performance was basically like, please do not forget for even one moment that all majesty and life flows from my being. Sometimes I actually take time to think about how lucky I am to be alive during the time of Beyonce. That's not a joke, it's a true happiness in my life. 

Now, a few readers expressed concern that there would be no Good category from this monstrous red carpet. Fear not for we have some really great stuff in here today! I want you to calibrate your red carpet mind settings to Grammys and understand that things are a little different here - there's more fun, more playfulness, and an absolutely open policy about sneakers if accessorized well. Let's do this!


Solange is perfect and even when she wears gold cupcake wrappers she absolutely kills the red carpet. I will accept no arguments. 

Keith Urban!
While I would urge Keith Urban to step away from the tanning bed and get a better haircut, this look is absolutely on brand for him, executed well. Not 100% on that little "scarf" but if we routinely let Steven Tyler have like 40 pieces of fabric on him I guess we can let Keith Urban have one.

There is another version of this look that we'll get to in another category, so Mya isn't the only one taking pages out of the Kathryn Hahn Suits With Bras playbook. She is, though, the one person really pulling it off. I wish her shoes were a different color to help the pants look not too long but that's a minor quibble. 

2 Chainz!
I'm not really sure what is happening with these shoes but the rest of it is great, so I'll just go with them. 

J. Hoard!
I was unsure about this so I looked up his Instagram account and can confidently say that this is the red carpet version of J. Hoard attire and it looks great. I am extra impressed by the espadrilles incorporating the tunic color.  

Kristin Cavallari!
I would not normally include a former D-lister but this is honestly the best she has looked perhaps ever. Could use a necklace.

Cam O'bi!
I am in love with this look. I would have liked a smaller tie, but that is pretty much it. 

Hillary Scott!
I am told this is the Lady of Lady Antebellum. She looks fabulous and is clearly feeling her look. Well done Lady.

Dierks Bentley!
A bit boring but perfect. 

It's hard for me to express how delighted I was to see Enya on the red carpet - it was somewhere between a gasp and a giggle. Again a bit formal but as I am extremely interested in beaded mesh capelets, I am very into this look. Oh Enya! What a delight!

Laverne Cox!
Yowza! Flawless!

Paris Jackson and DJ Caroline D'Amore!
These are perhaps not looks I would usually include in the Good pile, but I am really enchanted by them. I hope they waddled around all night with their arms around each other, with shiny and perfectly complementary outfits that somehow look better together than they would on their own. 

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