Friday, September 30, 2011

The Worst Vegetarian

On this final day of September I am celebrating my final day of vegetarian month. I appreciate the cookbooks friends gave me and the recipes that were sent along. I will cap off the month with my first shot at ratatouille tonight! I did a good job on the month, only cheating once very early on. But...


Things I have learned from this month:

* Morrissey will never be my friend.

* It is actually possible to conquer cravings, but they will drive you insane.

* I am a person who dreams about sushi.

* And lamb.

* I eat far too much pizza.

* I will put cheese on just about anything.

* Even as a vegetarian, I can go a full 2 days without eating any fruits or vegetables.

* I feel better when I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

* Citrus avocado salad is the greatest salad ever invented.

* ... tied with cobb salad.

God, I want a cobb salad. And a burger. And some rare tuna. And a buffalo cheesesteak. And shrimp shumai. And turkey curry.

1 comment:

  1. Vegetarianism/veganism would fail miserably with me if not for fabulous cheeses and avocadoes, to be sure. I dream about friggin steak frites. With blue cheese, and onion jam, and creamed spinach. AND BORDEAUX. And yet, somehow, I maintain... kudos to you for having a V month!