Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rest and relaxation!

I'm about to go on vacation FOR A WEEK. Where, you ask? Only the two most exciting vacation spots in the world:

Jersey City and Columbus, Ohio!!!!!

I'm visiting with very beautiful and intelligent friends whom I love and don't get to see very often. Other than a couple of quick trips out of Philly, I will getting blood work done (oooh, sexy vacation cholesterol screening) and getting a haircut. I might even go grocery shopping! But for real, this down time will most likely also give me some time to do some Rules, so sit tight for that.

When I was a kid my family used to drive from South Jersey to Disney World in the summer. We would stop along the way in Williamsburg or Charleston - really cool trips, all of them. But. That's a long way in the car for a couple of girls, so my parents outfitted us with tape players and headphones. And both of us liked to sing along to our music...my poor parents! This was the one song that sticks out from my childhood in the backseat of the car as the "Yes! Vacation!" song. Enjoy.

It sounds COMPLETELY different than I remember, but oh how I loved the Splashdance tape.

Enjoy your work week, suckers. If you need me on Thursday evening, I'll be at the Festival Bar in a romper, making good on my bet.


  1. This is so great! It reminds me of a Smurfs cassette I used to listen to (which I still own). My favorite part is at the end of side one one of them says, "Now turn the record over, or we'll fall down the hole in the middle!"

  2. How can you go on vacation just when Julianna Margulies' hideous dress needs to be analyzed?