Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscars Bingo Cards are here for you

Okay, I know that I did not  actually blog the SAGs or the Grammys - I'm sorry. I'm hoping to get around to doing those fashion rundowns soon... better late than never? But we have bigger fish to fry right now! THE OSCARS ARE ON SUNDAY!

I know! I'm not ready either! Will Julianne Moore wear something disastrous? Will anyone acknowledge the fact that this is the whitest list of nominees, like, ever?! Seriously, why is it so white?!

To help you prepare, my dear readers, I want to give you some BINGO CARDS! I made these with the help of Roommate Liz, who is excellent at coming up with bingo cards. I made two kinds - Fashion and Ceremony. There are five cards for each and you can find them below. At the end is a lexicon of WTS vocab for the noobs. Oh and keep this in mind; we're going to call Seacrest/Rancic/etc "press" because it's easier. Please enjoy and I'll see you on Monday with The Good!

The cards are all slightly different so you can print and play with your friends!



Way Too Shay Lexicon for Fashion

Dressing Like the Statue - Nominee wearing metallic sheaths
Mullet skirt - short in the front, long in the back
Oh girl, oh no. No no no - It's so bad or misguided that there is nothing more to say.
Scrolldown Fug - a phrase coined by the Fug Girls; gets progressively worse as you scan down
Snoooooze-fest- boring look
Styling ruins the look - great dress, terrible makeup/hair/jewelry/some combination thereof
Tits Ahoy - a top cut so precariously low that the wearer is in danger of exposing her breasts
Uncomfortunate - a frock looks both uncomfortable and unfortunate

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