Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Oscars 2015 Fashion Rundown: The Meh!

Welcome to the Meh, friends. It's pretty hefty this year so buckle up tight and away we go!


Rosamund Pike!
This was very close to being in the Good pile. I kind of love that she went literal on the Rose in her name with this dress. The front is great - interesting construction, excellent detail work, great fit. She starts to lose me with the yoga hair but my real problem is this pop of bright red at the waist. Intrigued, I looked further.

Nope. Waist cinchers go under the dress, not as part of the dress. Makes her butt look nice, though.

Margot Robbie!
This is another almost for me. I love the dramatic sleeves, the big bright lip, and the juxtaposition of floaty gown with blunt hair and makeup. But. The draping on the dress seems a little loose and sloppy, the necklace (while STUNNING) is wrong for this, and the length on the dress is about an inch long for my tastes.

Jennifer Lopez!
This was somewhat shocking from her and it's definitely a pretty gown that fits gorgeously. I wish it was a different color than that of her skin. I also wish that JLo would realize that this neckline is not meant for big bazongas. It just hurts me to look at said bazongas smooshed like this AGAIN. Jenny! Be nicer to your boobs!

Anna Faris!
Pretty but boring (dress not Anna). I'd love to see her hair half up with big tousled waves on bottom and maybe a navy bag.

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe!
Love a navy tux but I find his jacket to be a skosh tight and the size of his bowtie makes his head look enormous. She looks great except for the feathered saddlebags. Those I will never understand.

Kerry Washington!
Her head looks absolutely amazing and the fit is fabulous but other than that it's Grandma's guest bedroom.

 First things first, where the hell was Gayle? What what Steadman doing there? I thought we were done with that little charade. As for the dress, love the construction, hate the color and the matchy matchy earrings. I love Oprah in a deep, bright purple but I would have settled for a dusky rose or even just a darker peach.

Emma Stone!
I am not convinced that she is pulling off this color. Hate the shoes. Love the head and this silhouette on her.

Did you guys notice that most of the men were wearing brooches? I thought it was quite nice and I hope it's a trend that stays. Common is unstoppably handsome but I'm not loving that bowtie nor do I approve of the hemline on his pants. But don't worry, sir, these are, ahem, common mistakes to make.

Dakota Johnson!
It's fine, it's just kind of boring. I don't love the fit in the midsection. I kind of like the strap but it seems like it needs more than just that strap to make the dress interesting. The hair is a major blah. Also I didn't like the way she talked to her mother (though I am also guilty of sometimes being a super brat to MY mom).

Lady Gaga!
Snoooozefest. You know what would have been really something? Lady Gaga in what Reese Witherspoon wore.

Steve Carell and Nancy Walls!
From far away it's fine but close up you see that his suit is too big and that detail on the waist of her dress is truly unfortunate. It's too wide, and the way it curves is completely unflattering. Total Monet.

Octavia Spencer!
Two of my greatest wishes in life are to never see this color on the red carpet again and for Octavia Spencer to choose a different hairstyle.

Viola Davis!
Make this a strapless dress and it's a homerun. The sleeves (sleeves? arm straps?) make the dress, and therefore Viola, appear wider than it is. On closer inspection, I'd also nip it in juuuuuuuust the tichiest tich in the ribcage. We can all agree that her head is beyond perfection, right? Probably my favorite makeup of the night.

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