Friday, August 29, 2014

Emmy Awards 2014 Fashion Rundown: The WTF

Ever since I collated the red carpet photos early on Tuesday morning, I have been bursting at the seams to share some of these WTFs with you. As with all WTF entries, some are tame and some are absolutely beyond comprehension. We'll ramp it up as we go and then I'll let you get on with your lives and your Labor Day Weekend. 


Gwen Stefani!
It's not the outfit that's making my eyes bug out (though the air vent detail on the top demands questioning) so much as the fact that I did not recognize her. Like not at all. I didn't hear the name when she was announced and it took me a goodly 45 seconds to figure out who was presenting. Indeed, if this photo did not have a name attached I would have guessed she was someone from Game of Thrones or something. Has she been "freshened" or am I just used to seeing her with her hair up? Inquiring Megs want to know.

Kate Mara!
I kind of love the Kate Mara is so reliably WTF. There is quite literally not one thing I understand about this. What is happening here? Is it just that I dislike J. Mendel? (This is clearly from the same collection as Anna Kendrick's Oscar dress.) The kitchen backsplash and twisted bedsheets up top paired with fancy curtain mullet sheer overlay skirt and those shoes is just making my head explode. Let's not talk about her hair and makeup or the deflated soccer ball clutch.

Taryn Manning!
When bad Marilyn Monroe costumes happen to good people Part 2. Taryn, baby, blonde is not your color and this dress is unintentionally hilarious and stunningly unflattering (unless, of course, the pregnancy rumors are true). (BUT! If the rumors are true, then all I can see is a gigantic cross over your abdomen, which is a little too close to your Pennsatucky character for comfort.) 

Amanda Peet!
Swear to god, I had that bedspread. 

Yael Stone!
OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO SHOW YOU THIS ALL WEEK! It's so bad it goes back to good and then around again! At first, I was way disappointed because Morello is my favorite character on OITNB (especially now that we know [redacted spoilers]) but then I was delighted because ... well because look at this! Wicker corset cage of death! Gynecologically-minded crushed velvet mini skirt with train! Terrifying earrings! Seriously hot shoes! And a bun with bangs! On a scale of 1 to Patton, this is Patton Plus!

Lena Dunham!
She is obviously fucking with us. Boviously, as we used to say. Why else would anyone dress themselves as a parfait? Stay gold, Ponyboy.

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