Monday, September 8, 2014

It's All Funny

I don't really know what to say. Luckily, it doesn't matter much what I say - the most brilliant comments have already been made, the funeral is over, the #CanWeTalk hashtag is on the decline, and I'm a few days late to the wake.

So here's the thing: I love Joan but I don't love Joan. She's actually a little mean for my tastes sometimes. That's a true fact. I envy her honesty and I envy the thickness of her skin (euphemistically speaking). But I don't know, sometimes it felt harsh.

But I love her. I love how hard she works, how naked she is in her insecurity, how she mills that insecurity into comedy gold. I love most of all that she is her own first target. I love how strong and resilient she is, I love that she can say (quite publicly) that she made mistakes and has regrets, I love that her fallback career was the one that made her famous.

I love that she made it okay to talk about fashion in a joking-not-joking kind of way. Because the thing is, glamour is part of what makes Hollywood so much fun; we can pretend not to take it too seriously but I do actually get excited about outfits (and delight in the misfires). (Okay, I'm mean too.)

The best thing about Joan Rivers is that she was dealt some shitty cards and just looked at them and laughed. And apparently she smelled really good all the time, which is a nice way to be remembered.

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