Friday, February 1, 2013

SAG Awards 2013: The WTF

First of all, you guys all saw that Sigourney Weaver wore her dress backwards, right? Thanks to reader Jenn for that gem! I mean, even from the front it's a groan-worthy gown, but maybe this is why it looked so flat and lifeless? Enough wallowing in the past, though. We have some truly bizarre things to cover today.


Julianna Margulies!
Seriously, WTF is going on here? Do my eyes deceive me or is this a leotard paired with a poorly constructed wrap skirt? And why in the world do her shoes want to hurt me? I didn't do anything to them!

Morena Baccarin!
Look, sometimes you come to the SAG Awards dressed as a peacock. It happens.

Shaun Robinson!
And sometimes you come to the SAG Awards dressed as a bottle of Electric Youth perfume. I guess that happens too.

Jaimie Alexander!
WTF even is this?! All at once it's bizarrely revealing but also really prim. And a little peak of ankle ... paired with a train? I just don't get it. Let's be real, though: the biggest problem with this "dress" is the choker panel across the neck, right?

January Jones!
Ah, January Jones. The woman put on this earth to give me a red carpet headache. She is beautiful but she always seems to want to make her head a scary thing to see. My real problem is the modesty napkin up top.

Guys, let's all agree that should we ever get on a red carpet of any kind, we will never wear anything that can be described as including a "modesty napkin."

And with that, we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging until the Oscars. Up ahead: more WHYY tiles, a deconstruction of Heathers, and an illustrated history of why leather dresses don't work for anyone.

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