Monday, June 12, 2017

Tony Awards 2017 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

Last night was theatre superbowl: the Tonys! It was a big night for us theatre nerds and I want to give a shoutout and congratulations to PlayPenn, Philadelphia's own new play development heroes who helped give life to Oslo. So so exciting! (Also I know for a fact that two of the three people who went to the Tonys to rep PlayPenn wore excellent necklaces, so great job on that! The third declined to wear a necklace with his tux, so alas no Pharrell flashbacks.) We have a LOT of tuxes and suits to cover in this first installment, which is heartening and promises a better future for the men of red carpets to come. Let's go on with the show!


Cynthia Erivo!
This woman knows how to bring the drama to the red carpet! I do not think I would like this gown on anyone else but I love it on Cynthia. The styling is stunning, too. Honestly, a necklace would have been too much. 

Ben Platt!
It's a perfect fit and a great color on him. The bow tie is size-appropriate for his lapels and his head. I love the tux and I love this kid! 

Kate Baldwin!
If I told you to think of someone who looks like they do Broadway, you'd probably come up with Kate Baldwin, right? This is beautiful.

Erich Bergen!
I like this and everything seems to be in order. The tie looks smaller in this photo than it really was. 

Glenn Close!
The face says, "I know I'm not going to win," the dress says, "....but I miiiiiiiiiiight!" I think this looks fab on her and I am in love with her hair. 

Jenn Colella!
More hair I'm in love with! As we know, I don't always love secret pants but I think she is killing it with this look. Well done, you made me like your secret pants.

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll!
This is not a prahnk. I have to admit I did not expect these two to look this good on the red carpet. Nick looks far better than John but I'll average their scores together and keep them both here. Other pairs on the carpet will not fair as well.

Olivia Wilde (seen here with Tom Sturridge)!
For example, I will not be averaging scores here. She looks effortlessly fabulous. She's just about the only white woman I know who can successfully pull off a crimson eyeshadow. I have tried it; I just looked ill and sort of angry. He ... we will address in a different post. 

Condola Rashad!
One of my favorite looks of the night. The construction on this dress is a miracle and the styling is flawless.  (I also quite like the cute little daytime shoe on the assistant in the background.)

David Zinn!
Listen, this is advanced and it's almost perfect. Do not attempt this unless you are a scenic and costume designer with an eye for construction. I wish the coat sleeves had been shortened about half an inch. 

Rachel Bay Jones!
Gorgeous dress in a perfect color for her. I love the belt on this dress so hard. That said, this is a major CUAN for me - could use a necklace. 

Keegan-Michael Key (seen here with Elisa Pugliese)!
Practically perfect in every way. I think probably his shirt sleeve was just hiding a bit and if he pulled it down the coat would prove to be the exact right sleeve length. 

Andrew Rannells and Zuzanna Szadkowski!
His bowtie is a little small but the overall look is great so I'll let him slide. I am deeply in love with this dress and this color on her and Zuzanna if you are listening, I am going to need you to give it to me. Not really sure about this sad little bow in the front, though. Overall, these two look great in spite of problematic bows.

David Oyelowo!
 Velvet embroidered shoes were a trend for men on the red carpet last night and I kind of dig it. As always, David looks extremely sharp.

Mimi Lien!
Holy moly she looks amazing. I would have never thought to pair this dress with those shoes but it's working for me. I wish someone had just fixed that one hair for her, though. 

Brandon Uranowitz!
See? There are those embroidered shoes again! For a moment I thought these spelled out LOVE but I believe they are merely a design. Or maybe they do spell LOVE but it's like LOOVE? Anyway he looks great.

Sarah Paulson!
While I do harbor concern that our Sarah will go tits ahoy at any moment, I an so in love with this look. Even though the dress is slightly shapeless, it has this unbelievable detail to it that wipes away any boredom factor. Even though she could use a necklace, those earrings more than make up for the large gulf between dress and chin. Her head has never ever looked better. 

Justin Paul and Benj Pasek!
These two are having a hell of a good year, huh? They look fantastic and their OMG BEST FRIENDS HAVING THE MOST FUN glow is just the icing on the cake. I honestly hope they own these tuxes because they are going to get a lot of use. 

Rebecca Taichman!
Full disclosure: I briefly worked with Ms. Taichman about 15 years ago when she was going by her full name and would sign things "RBT" so we called her Ribbit. Really cool dress that fits her like a dream and - would you look at that- a great necklace! Someone needs to talk to Ribbit about her posing, but someone also needs to high five the hell out of her for winning a Tony for directing! It is astounding that it is still a rarity for a woman to win this award.

Tommy Tune!
I have seen this man with my own two eyes and he is a thousand feet tall. (He also has a strong taste for somewhat flamboyant stage wear, as well he should.) Wearers of suits take note: if Tommy Tune can find a suit that fits him as beautifully as this one does, you too can find a great suit and have it tailored to you. Not to name names, but looking at you GROBAN. 

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