Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Met Gala 2017 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

Last night was our fashion high holy day, the Met Gala! This year's theme is "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between" so one would think that this would be a great chance for celebrities and models to get wild. One would be wrong. There were a few takers, thank god. As Reader Jenna asked on FB, how in the world are we going to determine the categories this year with such disparate looks? It was not easy to parse it out (and, as always with the Met Gala, there are more WTF looks than usual - many of them FABULOUS WTF) but eventually it came down to this: the Good means a great execution of a CdG look, a fabulous gown or suit worn well, or just being Mary J. Blige.


Breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, could use a necklace.

Rita Ora!
I died a thousand times and then I looked at this again and it gave me life. Flawless.

Lena Dunham!
You could knock me over with a feather from shock, but this is fantastic. And! Even with the running-to-Whole-Foods hair, it's the best her head has ever looked.

Helen Lasichanh (seen here with Pharrell)!
Okay, this is really breaking the rules because Helen is technically a Normal but she is killing this iconic Commes des Garcons garment. (I will get to Pharrell in a different post.)

Haley Bennett!
100% not on theme but I am 100% here for this. She looks like she was carved from porcelain top to toes. I love how everything is in the same color palette from dress to skin to nails to jewelry to makeup to hair to headpiece. It's a little bit Effie Trinket in the best way possible.

Rami Malek!
I am pretty much always thrilled to see Rami on the red carpet. He's not afraid to take risks and he looks damn fine doing it.

Kate Hudson!
I moved her back and forth between the Good and the Meh a hundred times but ultimately I think this look is pretty great so I'm just going to put her here.

Cara Delevingne!
I am extremely confused by this look but at the end of the day this is fabulous and will be one of the looks we remember from this Met Gala.

Tracee Ellis Ross!
YES YES YES. It's easy for a CdG dress to wear you, but the styling on this is perfect and takes it right back - you WILL focus on these eyes, you WILL notice these legs in these shoes. Well done Tracee's stylist, well done.

Priyanka Chopra!
Okay, sure, it's very much a Sexy Carmen Sandiego situation but let's go to the widescreen

I demand all trenchcoats be cathedral length from this day forward.

Jessica Chastain!
This is very pretty. I think it's not very adventurous for the Met Gala but I cannot in good conscious ding it or put it in the Meh. To my surprise she wears this color effortlessly, her head looks spectacular, but then again it could use a necklace.

Jennifer Lopez (seen here with some dude)(omg stop I know who he is)!
This is absolutely gorgeous and she looks like the best dressed celebrity at the 1968 Oscars. Again, I cannot ding this but it's not terribly memorable at the end of the day. A-Rod needs a better tailor.

Lily-Rose Depp!
Again, pretty if a little safe. I like the exaggerated hip silhouette and I loooooooooove the rose detail coming around the neck. 

Michael B. Jordan!
YOWZA! I love this look on him so much. Beautiful and exciting. 

Rose Byrne!
Personal best for Rose Byrne. I'm here for all of this.

Lupita Nyong'o!
Always a red carpet favorite of mine for a reason. This dress is super fun, fits her like a dream, and I am in love with this color. 

Allison Williams!
She kind of looks like a drag queen but I'm feeling it.

Nick Jonas!
Lots of fun and it looks great. Please give A-Rod your tailor's number.

Diddy (seen here with Cassie)!
Listen, Diddy and Cassie look like they've come from the future to attend the Met Gala. But the real story is tired Diddy.
I could not be more delighted! 

Rihanna was like, "Oh if I'm gonna wear CdG I'm gonna wear the hell out of it." I may not always super love the gowns and garments she chooses for the Met Gala, but I am so grateful that Rihanna always takes a risk and never makes the safe or boring choice. You may not love this, but you cannot deny that it's a show stopper.

and finally, as promised....

Mary J. Blige!
Is it an elaborate nightie? Absolutely. Does she have prominent cliff hangers? Yes again. Is this fabulous anyway? Of course it is, it's Mary J. Blige, stop asking silly questions.

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  1. As much as I love Jessica Chastain, that dress is Meh. Lovely for the Emmys, not good enough for the Met Gala. IMHO, of course. ;-)