Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oscars 2017 Red Carpet Rundown: The WTF!

After what seems like months of coverage, we now conclude our Oscars Red Carpet Rundowns. I can hardly believe that movie award show season is over and now we will be forced to languish in regular clothes until the Met Ball in May. Let's wrap this up with a very small selection of frocks that make you go hmmm.


Janelle Monae!
Listen, this is a divisive dress. I am firmly on Team What The Hell Is Happening. I mean, even without the pannier this is still a whole lot of sheer torso applique multi-tiered fringe peekaboo enormous studded collar STUFF. There's just so much stuff.  

Ryan Gosling!
McNulty: It's a look.
Omar: No it ain't.

Meryl Streep!
Here is the realtime version of my thoughts upon seeing this: Ooooh, I kind of love this.... oop, wait, no, secret pants.

Pharrell (seen here with Mimi Valdes)!
I am beyond delighted that Pharrell wore 800 necklaces. Honestly, could not be more filled with glee! Thank you, Pharrell, for this gift!

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