Monday, January 9, 2017

Golden Globes 2017 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

It's the most wonderful time of the year: awards show season! This year it also appears to be Hollywood's Parade of Beards. We saw big beards (Casey, Chris), goatees (Matt, one of the Ryans), barely beards (the other Ryan), perfect stubble (Donald, Riz), YOU NAME IT. What we did not see is terribly exciting fashion. I truly didn't think I would have more than a few in the Good pile this year but then I collated the photos and graded on a curve and here you have it. 


Viola Davis!
She was my best dressed of the night. This yellow sequined (sequenced) gown is everything. It's a perfect color and a perfect fit. I love the understated styling and some of the best makeup of the night. Also can we please have more stories about Viola Davis and Meryl Streep swapping recipes? And also more Viola Davis impressions of her husband? And more Viola Davis every minute of every day?

Rami Malek!
Most reliably perfect man on the red carpet. His stylist just gets it. The fit is gorgeous, the bowtie is exactly the right size and shape, the watch and the shoes are just so. Well done, as always!

Mandy Moore!
Hot damn and hallelujah, Mandy Moore got a new stylist! I want to take this moment to savor the last of the cape trend. I will miss you, cape-dresses. What a beautiful way to say goodbye.

LaKeith Stanfield!
This is advanced fashion. The mix of textures and patterns could have gone terribly wrong and yet, LaKeith is bringing it all right here. I find no faults other than an awkward pose.

Brie Larson!
Basically perfect. I think maybe CUAN (Could Use A Necklace) but the hair over the shoulder does a lot to distract me from that unadorned clavicle. 

Ryan Gosling!
We saw a few white tux jackets on the red carpet last night. While I know that some associate the white jacket strongly with waiters on expensive cruises, it is my opinion that Le Gosling is one of the people who were dressing in theme with their movie last night (his co-star was another). I think this is meant to evoke that golden age of Hollywood sensation. Even if that's not the case, it fits beautifully - one of the few slim fit suits done expertly.

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty!
They look like a million bucks. This is an extremely cool dress.

Issa Rae!
This is fabulous, elegant, and appears to be effortless. I want all the stars in other piles in this roundup to look to Issa  Rae for inspiration - this is, actually, her first rodeo and she nailed it!

Chrissy Metz!
Love the construction, love the color, love the styling. Absolutely gorgeous.

Justin Timberlake!
Perfect, no changes suggested.

Regina King!
Absolutely excellent. Regina King continues to be outstanding on the red carpet. 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus!
So so so much improvement from last year's horrible lace fiasco. I love this dress. It looks exactly like JLD and I'm totally fine with that. I do also enjoy that her purse has a little hand slot so she can catch a fly ball during the ceremony.

Trace Lysette!
I am here for this dramatic mermaid fantasy! I cannot take my eyes off this dress.

Trevante Rhodes!
Honestly, the only thing that could tear me away from that dress is Trevante Rhodes. Good fit, awesome material, excellent beard action.

Reese Witherspoon!
Reese does yellow so well. I love this silhouette on her, love the necklace, great makeup and hair. Well done Reese.

Lily Collins!
This is fussy and precious and she is bringing it! We are in an illusion-netting-heavy moment but I'm fine with it when it gives the illusion that a dress is sort of just growing up out of the ground and attaching itself one flower at a time to your person.

Gillian Anderson!
How kind of Gillian Anderson to give every woman who is in love with her (read: every friend of mine) a visual of how she would look on their hypothetical wedding day. 

Dev Patel (seen here with Sunny Pawar)!
What's better than perfectly-dressed, extremely beautiful Dev Patel? Dev Patel with perhaps the world's most adorable child! 

Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe!
Everyone else go home, these two are perfect. I'm not always a fan of this suit material but he's working it. I am absolutely in love with her styling- especially that bag! Somehow this clutch modernizes a fairly straightforward Barbie look. Fantastic.

Thandie Newton!
 Wow! Stunning and exciting. I am in love with this whole look. 

Riz Ahmed!
Very well done, though he should not have sat down in the limo. Love the button details.

Naomie Harris!
 Elegant simplicity, perfectly executed. 

Evan Rachel Wood!
This slayed me. RIP me. Marlene Dietrich has come back to claim her throne. My only ding is that I want the hem on those pants just half an inch higher but that's the tiniest quibble. Ugh, I love this.

Donald Glover!
Though I find his bowtie to be slightly (comically) large, I am so into this. Amazing suit, perfect fit, confident style. So into it. 

Janelle Monae!
I will take one of everything. Thank you. I love this so much. I love that she chose this enormous, fun party dress with all that leg over her usual red carpet suits. I love that she studded her hair with gems. And her shoes with gems. AND THE HEARTS IN OUR EYES WITH GEMS. Oh Janelle, how I love you.

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