Thursday, October 1, 2015

Emmys 2015 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

Oh hello! Once again we are back and ready to tackle all of our Emmy red carpet amazingness. First, a couple of items of business.

Business #1: I am SO SORRY but I could not find a picture of this but some lady producer was wearing a white shorts jumper with attached cape. It was incredible, my jaw dropped, and I really regret that I cannot show it to you. Use your boundless imaginations.

Business #2: Before we get into the Good, let's talk about the Three Bears of Tux Fit:

Paul Dano!
Too big.

Fred Savage!
Too small!

Pablo Schreiber!
Juuuuuust right.

Got it? Great. Now onto ...


David and Jessica Oyelowo!
This is your reminder that the Oyelowos are perfect and you are not.

Ariel Winter!
This look might be a little safe but it's flawlessly executed.

Lady Gaga!
 See, this is the thing with the ladies who have an image of being "shocking" or "unkempt" - when they go straight glamour it is actually shocking and completely lovely. Think Courtney Love at the 1997 Oscars. Lady Gaga is KILLING IT with this look.

Samira Wiley!
I love Samira's red carpet style - smooth and elegant with not a lot of extra embellishment needed. You'll see two more dresses with attached capes in our rundown - one in the Meh and one in the Bad - but this one is great even without the other two for comparison.

Aubrey Plaza!
Sexy and sophisticated with that signature Aubrey Plaza hint of "bite me."

John Stamos!
This suave so-and-so!  Appropriately, this photo makes it look like John's about to take flight. INTO OUR HEARTS.

Ellie Kemper!
This is a showstopper of a dress. I appreciate that her styling is minimal and her makeup isn't trying to hard to compete with the dress. Well done, Ellie. IT'S A MIRACLE.

Taraji P. Henson!
Okay, let's talk about charisma and star power. This dress is not great, honestly. The chain detail is amazing but it's basically a crepe bathing suit with peephole and curtains. But! (and this is an important but) She is wearing the hell out of it and really selling the look. It moved gorgeously on camera and she absolutely oozed confidence and sex appeal. Basically, she's in the zone- Taraji can wear anything at this point and it'll work. (PS - that commercial with her and Kerry Washington casually showing up at my beloved Mary J. Blige's house and dancing around!? I died.)

Laura Prepon!
Her makeup could have been slightly less raccoonish, but this dress is slaying. SLAYING.

Nathan and Anthony Anderson!
I am not exactly sold on Anthony's shoes, but other than that they look incredible. Nathan Anderson has miles of style - and is using his age to his advantage. This outfit on even a slightly older young man would look ridiculous but he looks fantastic. Also, I've had a crush on Anthony Anderson for like a decade so I'm glad to have an excuse to put him on the blog. <3 <3 <3

Jamie Lee Curtis!
Now firmly ensconced in Grande Dame territory and working it.

Yael Stone!
Grading on a very large curve here. This is such a remarkable step up from the last time I saw Yael Stone on the red carpet, I can't help but include her in the Good. I just wish it was a slightly different color. I don't know why all these white women showed up in dresses the color of their skin this year but it is not my favorite trend.

Raza Jaffrey!
Other than the Ross Geller hair, everything is on point.

Teyonah Parris!
Honestly, this dress is a little bit like a giant napkin in a napkin ring but it's also 100% fun and fabulous and her styling is beyond gorgeous.

Sarah Hyland!
Elegant and lovely.

Lorraine Toussaint!
Pretty! Love the color, love the necklace.

Niecy Nash!
So pretty! I can't get over this look on Niecy Nash. She looks like a princess.

Carrie Brownstein!
Practically perfect in every way.

Lauren Lapkus!
While this look has been done a hundred times, it has rarely been done so well. Lovely.

Jamie Brewer!
I'm not sure I am really in love with the ombre in the skirt, but it's a great dress and she looks fantastic, so I'll let it slide.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus!
This woman knows what works for her and she's not afraid to use the 500 variations of the same dress. Honestly, that's okay with me if she does it this well.

Laverne Cox!
Maybe she should not have sat in the limo, but even with that, she straight up looks like a Barbie. (To be clear, as a former childhood Barbie hoarder, I mean that as a compliment.)


Julie Bowen!
Borrowing a dress from the Julia Louis-Dreyfus House of Simple and Fabulous, she looks perfect. It's got a mid-century feel to it without being costume-y. Congratulations, Bowen, you're out of probation!

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